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WordFinder’s word unscrambler tool can unscramble letters into high scoring words for Scrabble®, Words With Friends®, Wordscapes® and other games. The unscrambled words are neatly organized by points or length to help you find the perfect word. Our word unscrambler tool will help you overcome any word game’s challenge. Make words from letters and turn uncertainty into certain victory in a matter of seconds.

Simple Instructions to Unscramble Words

Using our word unscrambler to make words with letters in your favorite game couldn’t be easier. It’s quick, convenient and accurate. To unscramble letters:

  1. Choose your preferred game dictionary from the provided pull-down list. If your game isn’t listed or you’re not sure, picking a Scrabble dictionary is a safe bet.

  2. Type your letters into the search bar on this page. You can include up to three wildcards (? or space). These are like the blank tiles you get in some word games.

  3. Click or tap on the search button. (It’s a magnifying glass.)

  4. Watch as our word unscrambler does its magic computer dance.

  5. Browse the list of every unscrambled word you could possibly play from the letters you provide.

Remember to take advantage of the advanced search functions in our word unscrambler too. Designate if you want to find words that start with, contain or end in certain letters. You can also say if you only want to see words of a specific length. This way, you’ll only get words with letters you want to use, in the configuration you want.

Combine the advanced search to find 7 letter words starting with W, containing I, and ending in ERS. (“Winners” is one example, but there are actually many words fitting that criteria.) Our letter unscrambler is built to be a word gamer’s go-to tool for unscrambling letters in any game. If you need to make words from letters, we’ve got you covered.

Not quite up to the task to be an automatic anagram solver? Give us your most random assortment of letters and we’ll give you every word they can make. It’s what we do. Those scrambled words won’t know what hit them.

Why You Need a Word Unscrambler

You might need to unscramble letters to make words for all sorts of reasons. The most likely reason is you’re looking for a word finder to unearth high-scoring words in games like Scrabble® and Words With Friends®. Maybe you need some Wordle help or a hint. Or you're having trouble beating today's Quordle word game.

You can make words yourself, but the best word unscrambler can do the heavy lifting for you. We will help you find all the words with letters you need to play.

Find Valid Words From Letters

Do you know what can be really frustrating? You come up with an awesome word to play, only to be told that it’s not a valid play. You swear that it’s a real word, so you whip out your dictionary. Sure enough, it’s not in there.

Avoid that frustration from the start! When you use our unscramble tool to find words, we’ll only show you valid playing words.

Solve Puzzles Quickly

Using the best Wordle starting word is one thing, but where do you go from there? Anagram and word jumble games seem like obvious enough places where a word unscrambler can come in handy. Wordle is too, as you try to fit those green and yellow squares into valid 5-letter words.

You’ll also love using it when solving crossword puzzles. Or, when you’re trying to get unstuck in word puzzles like Wordscapes­®. Save yourself time and let us rearrange letters and unjumble words for you.

Win Word Games and Tournaments

Let’s be honest with ourselves. The best use for a letter unscrambler is for winning your word games of choice. Enter your letters into our word unscrambler and you’ll not only get the possible words from letters in your game. You’ll also get how many points they’re worth in Scrabble® or Words With Friends®.

You know where else you’ll want to use this? In the weekly Wordscapes® tournaments! When time is of the essence and you need to unscramble words quickly, we’re here to help.

Unscramble Letters to Learn New Words Too

Some people don’t like to use a cheat tool to unscramble long words for them. At least not for the actual moves they’re making in the game. We can respect that.

At the same time, many people use our word unscrambler after the fact to see what words they could have played instead for more points. We can respect that even more.

When you use a word unscrambler to rearrange letters, you can learn all sorts of new words. Then, you can add these new words to your arsenal for future play. An ever-growing vocabulary with more in-game experience sounds like the perfect winning formula!

And then, you’ve got word jumbles for kids where a word unscrambler can provide just the boost they need. When kids are happy, excited and motivated, they’ll keep at it and love learning new words! They’ll be unjumbling those word scrambles on their own in no time.

Tips to Unscramble Words With Letters

You’ve got some jumbled letters and now you’ve got to unscramble words out of them. What’s the best approach? Here are some top tips for finding what words you can make with those scrambled letters.

Look for Common Patterns

The English language uses many of the same patterns and combinations in its words. Some letters often appear next to one another. So, take advantage of this fact when you’re trying to unjumble those scrambled letters.

Some common examples include CH (as in “cheese”), TH (as in “there”) and PH (as in “phone”). You’ll become a better word unscrambler when you see letter combinations and not just single scrambled letters.

Start Short, Play Long

If you start by looking for the longest words possible, you’ll probably end up wasting your time. Instead, build on the idea from the previous tip. Look for common groupings of letters. Then, see how you can string them together to unscramble words that are longer and longer.

Let’s say that you have the letters CH, and you’ve also got AEEER.

  • Building on CH, you might connect EA somehow. CHEA isn’t a word. But, EACH is. Add the R to the beginning to get REACH.

  • Similarly, EE is a common combo. Combining CH and EE gives you CHEE, which isn’t a word, but adding R to the end gives CHEER.

  • Add the common suffix of -ED and you’ve got the 7 letter word CHEERED.

Boost your score even more by unscrambling short words. All those little points add up quickly too!

Shuffle Those Tiles

Just about every game that involves unscrambling letters to form words offers some sort of “shuffle” option. It’s not a “hint” in the traditional sense. Even so, the simple act of moving those letters around can help you see them in a whole new way.

When you’re feeling stuck, keep tapping that shuffle button. See if a new word or letter combination pops out at you.

Unscramble Systematically

This isn’t going to be the most interesting tip, but it could be the most useful. You could say it’s the equivalent of a brute force strategy. Simply go through the possible unscrambled letters in a systematic way to unscramble words. This is especially useful in games like Word Cookies® and Wordscapes®.

For example, let’s say you have ADLMWY as your letters.

AY is a common ending. If you go through the other letters one by one, you get DAY, LAY, MAY and WAY. Similarly, AD is a common ending, creating words like MAD and LAD. There’s method to this madness.

Add Prefixes and Suffixes

Remember that earlier tip about starting short and playing long? Suffixes and prefixes can really help when unscrambling letters into words. If you see letter combinations like ED and ING, see if you can add them to the end of the existing words. Similarly, you might be able to add IN- or RE- to the beginning of the word.

Remember to Use Plurals

This builds on the previous tip. Count yourself lucky if you have the letter S available.

Simply tack it onto the end of nearly any word you find. This includes both nouns and verbs. It can sometimes work with adverbs and adjectives too! Always play both the singular and plural versions of words if you have an S handy.

Use Our Word Unscrambler!

Of course, the best tip of all is just to keep using this handy unscrambler! When you need help from an expert word finder, simply do what you’ve been doing and give us your letters. We’ll find the words for you.

Need some 6 letter words to finish an especially tough level? Want some 7 letter words to capitalize on the bingo bonus? We’ve got you covered.

Unscramble Letters to Make Words

We’re proud to offer you the best word solver around. Our vast unscramble dictionary will help you unearth even the most obscure words to play in your favorite word games. In fact, we let you choose the correct game dictionary so you can be sure your word list is valid.

For example, did you know you can unscramble GOOGLE to make a number of words?

  • GLEG: This is when you are alert and quick to respond.

  • LOGO: A distinct symbol or image that identifies a company or brand.

  • OGLE: To stare at someone or something in a desirous manner.

  • EGO: The self-aware part of an individual.

  • GEL: A jellylike substance used to style one’s hair.

  • GOO: Any semi-solid and often sticky or gummy substance.

  • GO: To move from one place to another or to function properly.

Speaking of Google, did you know that the name is based on “googol,” which is a one followed by 100 zeros? All the game-winning words our unscrambler finds for you will feel like a googol’s worth of goodness.

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