Wind from the East mod for Empire: Total War (2023)

Wind from the East mod for Empire: Total War (1)

(Formerly Ottoman Total Overhaul)

Wind from the East is an overhaul of the entire gameplay, battle and campaign system, and a compilation of some of the best small mods out there overhauling even the graphics of the game.

As such, all European factions have been given higher quality and more beautiful textures. Poland, Russia, Georgia and the emergent Greece have new units. 11 new factions are playable.

However, unlike most Empire : Total War mods that focus on the western factions and keep the highly historically inaccurate units of the eastern factions (for example the native Janissary model of the Ottomans was that of a sailor), this mod gives importance to representing the eastern factions in a more accurate and complete way.

Awards :

Wind from the East mod for Empire: Total War (2)

2016 Empire Total War Compilations and Overhaul Mods

Wind from the East mod for Empire: Total War (3)

2019 Committee's Favorite Mod

Wind from the East mod for Empire: Total War (4)

0 - Important Information :

(Video) Wind from the East - An Essential Mod for Empire Total War

The campaign is generally more difficult and slower-paced.

Losing armies is very clostly. As such, a statu-quo situation in war can lead to great financial duress especially if you do not have a developped industry, infrastructure or trade.

Trade requires goods. If you have no goods to sell, you will make very little money from trade unlike in the base game.

Ottomans and Safavids are very challenging. Definitively be ready to lose regions, face revolts, and stagnate if you are going to play them.

I - Battle Overhaul :

Wind from the East mod for Empire: Total War (5)

§1 - Morale :

In Empire : Total War, as soon as a unit routs and the battle is over, if you immediately end the battle all routing units are completely destroyed even if everyone in that unit is alive. That is very unrealistic, and makes getting heroic and decisive victories far too easy.

As such, morale has been strengthened. In particular, units with their flanks covered, with an elevation advantage, near their general or inspiring units, or in fortifications will fight a very long time. Although unrealistic, this allows the AI to provide a true challenge.

(Video) Empire Total War - Wind from the East Mod Stream!

§2 - Land Combat System :

Accuracy has been decreased in a visible manner. The accuracy number is a percentage showing how likely the unit is to hit a 2m target at 70 meters. That means an unit with 15 accuracy means every soldier has a 15% chance of hitting a 2m target at 70 meters.

There is a new firing drill, now all soldiers with a line of sight fire on the enemy rather than having the back ranks constantly waiting. That makes fire by rank and platoon fire obsolete. As such, those technologies have been given other effects ; though those effects are still very powerful.

Armored cavalry units (Cuirassiers, Winged Hussars) are now more resilient to bullets than unarmored units. They are also more expensive and move slower to keep the balance fair. Cavalry and infantry units also now have a more realistic weight.

Elite units now have truly exceptional stats, but come at an also exceptional cost and should not be the main component of your army.

Bigger is sometimes better, the number of lead balls fired by cannons now depends on the size of the cannon making the canister of heavier cannons truly deadly. On the other hand, the heavier cannons take more time to reload.

Swords and Bayonet, Swordsmen have a good defense and fare very well in a prolonged fight. On the other hand, soldiers who use a bayonet in melee have a devastating charge that can decimate a small unit!

§3 - Naval Combat System :

Bigger is better, bigger warships no longer have a less competent crew than smaller ones. That means a broadside from a 1st rate battleship is truly a sight to behold, and deadly.

Slow ships have more morale, as slow ships are unlikely to escape, they are much less likely to rout but instead will prefer to surrender if the situation is truly desperate. On the other hand, lighter ships are more likely to rout rather than surrender to the enemy.

Sinking, now the crew will abandon ship later! That means that a slowly sinking ship will keep fighting longer, which looks much more cinematic and epic. That also makes sense in Empire : Total War because even if the crew of a ship abandons its vessel, they all end up drowning.

Wind from the East mod for Empire: Total War (6)

(Video) Ottoman Empire in Empire Total War. Wind from the East mod

II - Campaign Overhaul :

§1 - Unlocked Factions :

Portugal, the Safavid Empire, Morocco, Knights of Saint John, Mughal, Papal States, Denmark, The Crimean Khanate, Venice, Georgia and the Barbary States are now fully playable.

The Ottoman Empire, Crimean Khanate, Georgia, Mughal, Safavid Empire, Russia, Poland, and other factions have received tweaks and new units.

§2 - European Factions :

European Factions have been enhanced. They have been retextured with more beautiful graphics. Many disabled units have been enabled, in effect providing the European factions with many more units.

Some European factions have received new units or seen changes on their current units. Especially Austria, Poland, Russia have received new units. Russian strelets now have firearms (which would be historically accurate). Poland, as a kind of historical easter egg, can even recruit two janissary units!

§3 - Eastern Factions :

Eastern factions have received a major overhaul. Both the Ottomans, Safavids, Crimean Khanate, Barbary States and Mughal Empire have received new units, seen their current units be rebalanced, and received more historically accurate names.

In particular the Safavids (which would fall shortly after the start of the game) and the Ottomans (that were on decline) have been given technologies that represent that decline, but also the opportunity to reform, at a risk of revolt, to try to overcome your decline.

§4 - Artificial Intelligence :

We have combined elements of the Darthmod AI and Bran Mac Born’s AI. Though because of hardcoding limitations the AI can never be perfect, it will act in a much more reasonable way and will be more willing to engage in diplomacy.

The AI will be more likely to suggest peace rather than fight until complete annihilation. It will also take into account your local strength ; if you have strong armies near its border it will be dissuaded to attack.

(Video) Empire: Total War - Wind from the East 2.7.1 & Battlefield Smoke Mod

§5 - Units :

Units are now more costly to recruit, but cheaper to upkeep. As such, the best approach is to keep a standing army rather than always recruit and disband units on the fly. As in Empire : Total War replenishment costs money (training new units, providing new equipment), replenishment is now expensive and war can be a true strain on your treasury. It is also impossible to replenish in enemy territory.

It should be noted that some units (heavily armored cavalry - elite units) are very slow to recruit and costly. They are also significantly stronger than their regular counterparts. Don’t try to make armies of only elite units, but rather to include a few elite units in your army for the morale bonus.

It should also be noted that unit sizes are doubled, which makes battles feel grander in scale.

§6 - Economics :

Gone are the days when you had so much money you didn’t know what to do with it. Trading no longer provides you “free money” ; you need to have goods to export if you want to earn money from trade, and as such factions that are able to trade with everyone are much less overpowered. Control of commodities is the most important part of trade.

As previously stated, replenishment now costs you a significant amount of money, and particularly so if you lose elite units, so the choice of whether or not to merge units is much more important.

§7 - Garrisons :

Garrisons now provide you with either Musketeers or Militia in large units that have decent stats and a very good morale. This was made in an effort to give an advantage to the defending side and slow down the snowball effect.

§8 - Buildings :

It now makes sense to build things other than industries in your small cities. Buildings that spawn assassins now also allow for slightly cheaper recruitment of units. Religious schools now improve research and educate the people creating some growth.

Iron mines make recruiting military units cheaper. Woodcutting camps make recruiting naval units cheaper.


How do I install Empire mods? ›

  1. Launch Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.
  2. Click on the Tools button on the title screen.
  3. Click on the Mods button in the menu.
  4. Click the Browse Mods tab.
  5. Type in the name of the mod you want to download. ...
  6. Click Subscribe to automatically download and install the mod.

What does DarthMod Empire do? ›

DarthMod Empire attempts to fix various imbalances, gameplay inconsistencies, bugs, AI problems and historical inaccuracies in the Creative Assembly's latest game. Additionally, the mod tries to enhance the gameplay and to increase the game's replayability.

What is the next Total War game? ›

The most recent major game released was Total War: Warhammer III on February 17, 2022.
Total War (video game series)
Total War
Latest releaseTotal War: Warhammer III 17 February 2022
6 more rows

How many trade ships are there in Empire: Total War? ›

"You can stack up to six trade ships per trade post".

How do you beat Napoleon total war? ›

  1. Build Up Your Road Infrastructure. Road infrastructure is crucial to winning Napoleon: Total War campaigns. ...
  2. Rout Armies. ...
  3. Establish Trade Agreements. ...
  4. Exchange Tech. ...
  5. Make the Most of Spies. ...
  6. Don't Attack Immediately to Defend Besieged Cities. ...
  7. Build and Upgrade Markets. ...
  8. Don't Get Sucked Into Too Many Wars.
31 Aug 2018

How do you change government in Empire: Total War? ›

A nation can change its government type if there is a revolution in the capital region of the faction. If the player sides with the rebels and manages to take control of the capital then the government type will change.

How do I download Age of Empires? ›

Press your Windows Key and search for “Store” or “Microsoft Store” to find and open the app. Make sure you are signed in with the account that owns Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Click the [ ∙ ∙ ∙ ] symbol next to your profile picture. Select Downloads and updates.

How do I start DarthMod empire? ›

  1. You must use the Launcher to play DarthMod Empire v8.0 Platinum.
  2. To open the launcher use its Shortcut in the "Desktop" or "Start/Programs" which the installer created.
  3. Before you enable the launcher, you must first login to Steam or else you CTD at game start up.
16 Sept 2012

How do you mod Age of Empires? ›

  1. Launch Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the title screen.
  3. Choose Mods.
  4. Click the Browse Mods tab.
  5. Type in the name of the mod you want to download. ...
  6. Click Subscribe to automatically download and install the mod.
26 May 2022

Is DarthMod empire good? ›

It really improves the game. Much better uniforms for units, marines as well as graphics for effects, but his biggest contribution is the AI. The battles are playable and give you a nice impression of line of fire. Fortress sieges are still buggy and to be avoided, in my opinion, but the rest is almost perfect.

What is DME uprising? ›

DME Uprising is focused on the American theater of war. There, you can play the USA as a faction, or any of the Native American or European factions.

How do you play as America in Empire: Total War? ›

The United States is an emergent faction in Empire: Total War. This faction can only be unlocked in the Grand Campaign upon completion of the Road to Independence campaign.

What is the hardest Total War game? ›

Total War Franchise: 15 Hardest Factions To Play In The Grand Campaign
  • 5/15 Northymbre – Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia.
  • 4/15 Syracuse – Total War: Rome II.
  • 3/15 The Aztecs – Medieval II: Kingdoms.
  • 2/15 Zheng Jiang – Total War: Three Kingdoms.
  • 1/15 Western Roman Empire – Total War: Attila.
23 Jun 2021

Was ww2 a Total War? ›

Total war, such as World War I and World War II, mobilizes all of the resources of society (industry, finance, labor, etc.) to fight the war. It also expands the targets of war to include any and all civilian-associated resources and infrastructure.

What Total War game should I start with? ›

New Players Should Start With Total War: Warhammer III

That said, while it may not be worth it to play previous entries now, it might still be worth owning them and having access to their DLC, some of which re even free, like dark elf beastmaster Rakarth in Total War: Warhammer 2.

Where can I find ivory in Empire: Total War? ›

There are four Trade Theatres in the game. There is the coast of Brazil which trades sugar, the Ivory Coast which trades ivory, the coast of Madagascar which also trades ivory, and the East Indies which trades spices.

How do trade routes work in Empire: Total War? ›

Trade routes can be establish on land or by sea. In order for a sea trade route to be established, a Trading Port must be constructed; in turn, the port must have road access to the faction capital. Hovering the cursor over the trade route displays how much wealth it is bringing in, to which particular factions.

How do you build trade ships in Empire: Total War? ›

In Empire: Total War, trade ships can be built at any trading port, and then sent to trading theatres, where they can be stationed at trade nodes. There they generate profit automatically each turn provided that their faction has trade relations and has trade ports that aren't being blockaded.

Is Napoleon Total War stand alone? ›

Napoleon was released in North America on 23 February 2010, and in Europe on 26 February. The game is the sixth stand-alone installment in the Total War series.

Is there a grand campaign in Napoleon total war? ›

The Grand Campaign in Napoleon: Total War comprises of five playable factions. Also, spread around the Campaign Map, there are eighteen non-playable factions.

When did Napoleon Total War release? ›

How do you become a constitutional monarchy in Empire Total War? ›

In order for a faction to become a constitutional monarchy, it must first be a republic and have a successful middle-class revolt. As with its Empire: Total War incarnation, constitutional monarchies have heads of government that sit for life, and a cabinet that is elected once every five years.

How do I get rid of Clamour reform? ›

If you still have too much clamor, other options include building pleasure gardens, making sure that you're converting people to the one true religion, and manning the provincial capitols with dragoons. Those will all help offset the clamor.

What type of government is the Empire in Star Wars? ›

Similar to Nazi Germany, the Galactic Empire is a dictatorship based on rigid control of society that dissolved a previous democracy and is led by an all-powerful supreme ruler. The Empire, like the Nazis, desires the creation of totalitarian order and utilizes excessive force and violence to achieve their ends.

What AoE means? ›

Area of effect, a term used in gaming to describe area attacks.

How do you beat aoe3? ›

  1. Learn to play with hotkeys. ...
  2. Never stop creating settlers and villagers. ...
  3. Focus on gathering natural resources. ...
  4. Never stop exploring. ...
  5. Get out of the Discovery Age. ...
  6. Don't forget about your home city. ...
  7. Study military units and their counters. ...
  8. Pick a civilization and learn its strengths.
16 Oct 2020

Is age of empire offline? ›

Age of Empires is a real-time strategy game where players need to build their own kingdom and choose an army to run their empire. However, the game is not available on the mobile platform, to the dismay of thousands of fans.

What is DarthMod Napoleon total war? ›

DarthMod Napoleon (DMN) is a standalone modification for Napoleon: Total War, which aims to bring the gameplay experience to a whole new level. Created by modders DARTH VADER & husserlTW, DMN is a modification, that features vast amounts of gameplay tweaks, graphical tweaks, new units, new playable factions & AI fixes.

How do I install Napoleon Total War DarthMod? ›


What is Forest nothing? ›

Forest nothing is a legendary map. It's simplicity as map design does not take away that the games can develop into interesting late game battles. Forest nothing is enjoyed by players of mixed skill levels. The start is slow and peaceful, altough it can be frustrating building up so slowly.

How do you get unlimited population in Age of Empires 4? ›

The “reset current population” cheat resets your population number back to 0, so you can circumvent the population cap by resetting your population number whenever you hit the cap.

Does Empire Total War have workshop? ›

A Craft Workshop is a building in Empire: Total War. There are three chains: the smith chain, the potter chain, and the weaver chain.

How do I uninstall DarthMod empire? ›

Re: How to properly and completely uninstall Darthmod

Run the uninstall .exe in the main ETW folder. Then check for any folders within the ETW folder named DMUC or any files with DMUC in the title, and delete them if present. Verify the game via steam when done. That's it.

Does verifying game files remove mods? ›

Verifying the game files won't delete non-game files. Might want to keep two separate installs next time. If you're using a mod manager, it should be able to remove everything cleanly. If you're not... well, good luck.

How do I uninstall a mod? ›

Navigate to your mods/addons folder in your file manager. 6. Right-click the mod and click Delete.

How do I remove all mods from steam games? ›

From the launch panel of the game, click on Mod Manager. A list of mods, that are tied to your game, with be shown plus their status. From the Active Column, click on the switch button (this will stop the mod from being automatically installed). Click on the Trash Can symbol.

Is NTW3 or DarthMod better? ›

IIRC I looked into it a while back and the consensus was that NTW3 was best for multiplayer and Darthmod or LME was much better for campaign.

Is there a Total War Game of Thrones mod? ›

Westeros: Total War is a fan-made total conversion mod for the game Medieval II: Total War and its expansion, Kingdoms.

What is DarthMod Napoleon: Total War? ›

DarthMod Napoleon (DMN) is a standalone modification for Napoleon: Total War, which aims to bring the gameplay experience to a whole new level. Created by modders DARTH VADER & husserlTW, DMN is a modification, that features vast amounts of gameplay tweaks, graphical tweaks, new units, new playable factions & AI fixes.

How do I delete DarthMod Napoleon? ›

If you want to completely uninstall the mod it is mandatory to press "Vanilla Ready" and then use the DarthMod uninstaller (From Start->Programs). So, revert first to Vanilla and then you can uninstall Darthmod from Windows as every other program.

How do I uninstall Star Wars Empire at War mods? ›

To fully uninstall RaW or any other large mod that adds files to the base game and doesn't have an uninstaller:
  1. Go to your data folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War\corruption\Data\) and delete the XML and Scripts folders (if they exist).
  2. Revalidate your game files to get a clean gameconstants.xml. (
13 Jul 2017


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