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No matter how good or bad your English speaking skills are, a dictionary is a must.

The bliss of the fact is very underrated that dictionary apps have replaced those big, heavy dictionaries. There are hundreds of dictionary apps out there.

When I am reading a book I don’t want to turn on the internet because of so many distractions. Sometimes offline dictionaries are very useful in case you don’t have access to the internet.

So, here is the list of best offline dictionary apps for Android, iPhone, and PC. Some of these apps have different tools or features that can help you in growing your vocabulary and knowledge about the English language.


  • 1 Best Free Offline Dictionary Apps
    • 1.1 1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    • 1.2 2.WordWeb Dictionary
    • 1.3 3. Dictionary By TheFreeDictionary.com
    • 1.4 4.English Dictionary By Livio
    • 1.6 6.U-Dictionary
    • 1.7 7.TheSage
  • 2 Final Words

Best Free Offline Dictionary Apps

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC - TechUntold (1)

I have been using the Merriam-Webster dictionary app for the last three years. Before that, I used various apps but satisfaction was achieved with this only. This is one of the best offline dictionary apps for Android and iOS both. Whatever word you search, it gives to the point definitions and also with an example in sentences.

On Merriam- Webster, you will find lots of synonyms, antonyms, and related words to your searched word. Tap on any word even in the definitions and sentences, you will reach to that word’s page. You can bookmark difficult or yourfavorite words and read them again later. They also post a new word daily as word of the day. You can search for words using the voice search and also listen to the pronunciation of the words by tapping on the speaker icon. But these two are online features.

The app has three types of quizzes cum games which can help you in enhancing your vocabulary. You need to score certain points to reach harder levels. The ‘Recent’ section allows you to go through last searched words. It will definitely help you in memorizing the words and meanings when you read them more than once.

DownloadMerriam-Webster Dictionary for Android/iOS

2.WordWeb Dictionary

What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC - TechUntold (2)

I use it on my laptop and Wordweb dictionary is the bestoffline dictionary for PC. No doubt it is pretty useful for Android and iOS too. If you are searching the wrong word or wrong spelling, it will suggest the correct spelling and also show the similar sounding words. There are also options to search for the word on Wikipedia, Google etc. You can add a website yourself too to get references from more sources.

There is an amazing feature in this dictionary that sets it apart from others. If you have a vague idea of a word and can’t remember it, you can just write the letters and ‘?’ sign in the place of the letter you don’t remember. It is called ‘fast pattern-matching search’.

You can also search for a word when you are using any other app on your phone by long-pressing the word and choosing ‘WORDWEB’ from the pop-up. The dictionary is completely free and there are no ads even while using it online.

What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC - TechUntold (3)

DownloadWordWeb Dictionary for Android/iOS/Windows PC

3. Dictionary By TheFreeDictionary.com

What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC - TechUntold (4)

It is currently rated 4.8 stars on iTunes and 4.5 stars on Google Play Store with more than 10 million followers. It is also available on Kindle, Windows PC, and phone. To use it offline, you need to download the offline content first. This is the most detailed dictionary that I came across.

When you search for a word, along with the meaning, you will also see some quotes where it was used by famouspeople. The thesaurus of the words is also very well explained with meaning and sentence formation of some related words. If you are not satisfied with the offline content, you can immediately switch to the online mode which has pronunciation and more meanings & sentences.

Download TheFreeDictionary for Android/iOS/Windows PC

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4.English Dictionary By Livio

What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC - TechUntold (5)

This is another good dictionary app and it is completely dedicated to offline use. Unlike other apps, all of its features including pronunciation run well without connecting to the internet. This app takes its definition from English Wiktionary. With the meaning of the word, you will get to learn etymology, usage, and translations of the word to major languages like French, German, Russian etc.

Apart from the pronunciation of the word, there is a dedicated button to play the complete page in CPU’s voice that can help you in learning to pronounce more words. You can also swipe right and left to get other words that are before and after that word in the dictionary.

On this app, you can make notes regarding any word when you are reading its meaning. All those notes can then be seen in a separate section in the menu called ‘Notes’. If you find an interesting word, there is a share button at the bottom to send the meaning to your friends on various social networks. You can also change the theme of the app to light and dark.

Download English Dictionary for Android/iOS

5.Erudite – Dictionary, Translator & Widget

What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC - TechUntold (6)

Erudite dictionary is available in many languages. After downloading the app from App Store or Play Store, you need to select the language and then download the content again for offline use.When you open the app, there is always a random word with the meaning, a bookmarked word, and last searched word on the home screen. It will surely fasten your learning.

With the precise meaning of the words, you will see synonyms and other grammatical words related to the word. The good thing is that you can hear the pronunciation of the word in both UK and US English that too in offline mode. There is also a language translator in the app to translate sentences and words into many languages. But it is an online feature.

This app can be very helpful in improving your grammar skills as it has a separate section for practicing grammar. The app also has a widget. Whenever you type on any app like comment on social media or making notes and you are confused for a particular word, tap on the floating widget and search the meaning of that word immediately.

Download Erudite for Android/iOS

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What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC - TechUntold (7)

U-dictionary is one of best offline dictionary apps to search for meanings in many languages. This app has a lot of features for language enthusiasts. New words are published daily for your learning and there are lots of articles written as well. When you search for a word, after meanings you will get sample sentences, synonyms, antonyms, related phrases, other definitions from the web, and sometimes pictures too.

Not just the meaning of the words, the app lets you search the meaning of phrases and sentences too. Star your favorite words or phrases to read them later. You can do voice search and also search meaning by placing the camera on a word or sentence but this feature was not working properly on my phone.They also post contests about writing about a topic and your piece can feature on their app and Facebook page.

Download U-Dictionary for Android/iOS


What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC - TechUntold (8)

TheSage is a nice free offline dictionary software. This is one of the most detailed dictionaries and thesaurus available for your PC. Apart from meanings and sentences of the words, TheSage can search, etymology, rhyming, and phonetic words etc. Click on the meanings of the words and you will also get to know the single word for that sentence, antonyms, usage of the words etc.

If you are looking for the meaning of the word and want to dig deeper, you can right-click and choose to search on online tools like Wiktionary and Wikipedia. TheSage can be a great tool for people who are in the field of language research or writing.

Download TheSage for Windows PC

Final Words

So, these were the best offline dictionary apps with multiple features. These apps will prove to be very useful in the unavailability of internet data, while studying or when camping at a remote place.

Dictionary is not necessarily for people who are not good at English. It should be also seen as a tool to sharpen your skills and vocabulary. Most of the tools in this list have more usage than just searching the meaning of words.

If you have children, it’s a good idea to use these apps to help them with learning English. Just remember that if you give them a phone or computer, the device should have parental control installed. You can even have a parental control solution for free; check our post to see a list of free apps.

And if you need to read WhatsApp chats that are in a language you don’t know, check out our article about how to translate WhatsApp conversations.

Share this article with your friends so they too can benefit from these amazing apps.

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