Legacy Family Tree Genealogy Software (2022)

5 April 2022 - Version - Build

Check/Repair – Fixed Check/Repair so it wouldn't assign new roles if a role was missing - FIXED

Index View – After doing a right click edit and returning to Index View the scrollbar on the right would sometimes disappear - FIXED

30 March 2022 - Version - Build

*New* Sources – Added a new Source Template for the 1950 United States Federal Census - NEW

*New* Sources – Added a new Source Template for the 1921 England Census - NEW

Advanced Deleting – Advanced Deleting does not remove Marriage Events and Source Citations - FIXED

Advanced Deleting – Run Time Error 6 when deleting all people in file - FIXED

Backup – Changing location of file shows a blank filename after your folder selection - FIXED

Chronology View and Report – Addresses for marriages not included when Marriage Event Addresses are ON - FIXED

Chronology View and Report – Chronology view is not sorting events with the same date correctly - FIXED

Chronology View and Report – Displays blanks for place even if event is defined without a location - FIXED

Chronology View and Report – On the Chronology View's Display Options screen the option "Death of Husband" should read "Death of Spouse" - FIXED

Chronology View and Report – Shared events from vital events (birth, baptism, death, burial, marriage) do not include from whom the event was shared - FIXED

Compare Two Files – Compare two files cannot transfer story - FIXED

Create Web Pages – Events for Children option not sticking - FIXED

Create Web Pages – Italics in source title is showing formatting codes instead of showing italics in web pages - FIXED

Create Web Pages – Private Shared Events Truncate Event Listing - FIXED

Create Web Pages – Web pages show [BuriedMale] and [BuriedFemale] instead of Buried - FIXED

Customize – Opening marriage screen changes option 3.11 to Unknown - FIXED

Customize – Turning off RINs in 8.2 Display Numbers on Names does not turn off RINs in children scrolling grid list - FIXED

Dates – Cancel Button does not cancel modifications on Marriage screen - FIXED

Dates – Double dates are mangled when "1953 Nov 21" selected for the date format - FIXED

Dates – Format with 2-digit day/month does not work when using single digit months and the day is not entered - FIXED

Dates – Norwegian Bokmal date abbreviations do not follow language standards - FIXED

Descendant View – Crash if max individuals set to >= 32768 - FIXED

Distance and Bearing Calculator – Cannot copy Decimal longitude - FIXED

DNA – Oxford Ancestors Maternal Lineage Test website URL in DNA records is incorrect - FIXED

Event Definition Master List – Ctrl-B does not work in the event sentence override - FIXED

Events – [Name] in Event Sentences often shows wrong name in Preview - FIXED

Family View – Burial/Cremation labels have strange default code [:BuriedMale::BuriedFem] and [:CremMale::CremFem] - FIXED

Family View – Error 9 subscript out of range when you have more than 20 children in the family view and the columns set to best fit - FIXED

Family View – Inconsistent display of 3-digit and 2-digit years in Family View and Pedigree View - FIXED

Family View – Names of children are swapped around - FIXED

Family View – Option 8.10 not working - Married Status displays when it should not - FIXED

File Maintenance – Error in French message 3253 means RIN numbers are not displaying in French - FIXED

Gedcom Export – Cancelling "Enter File Location" dialog should not dismiss underlying export Screen - FIXED

Gedcom Export – GEDCOM 5.1.1 export does not include LATI and LONG tags for event locations but they are included for addresses - FIXED

Gedcom Export – GEDCOM 5.5.1 export does not export SSN correctly when you remove ABBR and _UID tags - FIXED

Gedcom Export – Latitude and Longitude are not exported in 5.5.1 gedcoms - FIXED

Gedcom Export – Latitude and Longitude values lose precision in gedcom export - FIXED

Gedcom Export – Sources for private person's data included - FIXED

Gedcom Export – Starred vitals are inconsistent in the customize menu for the GEDCOM export when the character set is changed - FIXED

Help File – "FamilySearch Icons" is missing some new icons - FIXED

Help File – Customize Main Toolbar topic needs to be updated - FIXED

Help File – Distance and Bearing Calculator topic needs to be updated - FIXED

Help File – Formatting is off for the Nicknames topic - FIXED

Help File – Hashtags – assigning or removing from groups is not documented - FIXED

Help File – Help file documentation for converting an older database is not correct - FIXED

Help File – Help for Story Share List [frmStorySharedX] - missing info - FIXED

Help File – Help for the Hashtags feature contains 2 Index entries' Hashtag and Hashtags. They should be combined - FIXED

Help File – Help on Email very dated - FIXED

Help File – Help Topic "Exporting a Legacy File" is incomplete - FIXED

Help File – Help Topic 8-1186, link to Legacy Troubleshooting website does not work - FIXED

Help File – Help topic 9-1273 and 10-1273 have no mention of the secondary check boxes when exporting a tagged group - FIXED

Help File – Holp Topic 9-0243 (USA County Verification) has incorrect information - FIXED

Help File – Problems with Shared Stories Help Message 0017: 70210 - FIXED

Help File – Problems with Story List Help message - FIXED

Help File – Remove references to the Legacy Cloud - FIXED

Help File – Report Options button topic needs to be updated - FIXED

Help File – Report Title Options doesn't include all options - FIXED

Help File – Show Hashtags on the Merging Two Individual's window topic needs to be updated - FIXED

Help File – Topics 9-0572 and 9-0573 ref. Quick Access Toolbar need to be updated - FIXED

Help File –Finding an Individual in Name List topic needs to be updated - FIXED

Help File –Husband/Wife references in Troubleshooting error messages topic needs to be updated - FIXED

Hints – Run-time error 380 and crash if hint refresh is set to an invalid number - FIXED

Index View – Add the special character ribbon on the Index page - FIXED

Individual Information – Title inconsistencies - FIXED

Legacy Initialization and Startup – Users with more than one help file having issues - FIXED

Locations – Change the input from DDMMSS.xxx to Decimal Degrees (DD) - FIXED

Locations – Mapping – Copy Coordinates to Windows Clipboard needs to copy as signed decimal - FIXED

Locations – Notes in Location Index is missing in some locations - FIXED

Locations – Online County maps button is not working on Tools > US County Verifier > USA County List, gives an error 404 - FIXED

Marriage List and Marriage List Report - Add Marriage User ID as an optional field in the Marriage List report - FIXED

Master Lists – File ID's appear/don't appear on the Master Source List based on whether or not you selected them to print on the last report - FIXED

Master Lists – Temple List not showing up in Master Lists - FIXED

Media Gallery – Missing ability to view media while editing family file - FIXED

Merge – Auto Merge is not merging people that are exactly the same and is giving reasons that are incorrect - FIXED

Merge – Intellishare Report is not documented and is not handled effectively - FIXED

Merge – Problem with Merge Focus when selecting person on the right - FIXED

Name/Search List – Inconsistent date display of 2-digit and 3-digit years in the Name List - FIXED

Name/Search List – Option to NOT use borders around the report does not work correctly - FIXED

Pedigree View – Ancestor Colour problem when changing selected person - FIXED

Potential Problems – Gaps are being calculated differently in the Finnish (Suomi) version - FIXED

Potential Problems – PPs are showing up when you have an unknown date - FIXED

Potential Problems – The PP alerts do not work as expected on the Name/Search Lists and on the Index View - FIXED

QuickDup – Automatic duplicate search after data entry can get Runtime error 380 - FIXED

Reports – Address information is truncating and spilling into blank spouse field - FIXED

Reports – Address Label Report – wrong title and no customize options - FIXED

Reports – Border lines are overwriting text in the source citation report when using list-style format - FIXED

Reports – Calendar Creator – Incorrect Married Names when don't generate married names is selected - FIXED

Reports – Calendar Creator – Loses picture captions for months that are not displayed after a preview - FIXED

Reports – Calendar Creator – privacy & double brackets not being honored - FIXED

Reports – Cannot Apply both Group 1 & Group 2 colors to Pedigree Chart - FIXED

Reports – Create a csv output for marriages crash - FIXED

Reports – Descendant book report shows RINs as bold - FIXED

Reports – Descendant Chart Report - German version - The symbol for buried is missing - FIXED

Reports – Error 3021: No current Record - reading Child-Parent Relationship - FIXED

Reports – Event phone numbers, e-mail address, and home page address will not print - FIXED

Reports – Event Report – List Style - Event Names not in Bold when this option checked - FIXED

Reports – Family Dictionary Report has no option to control the font attributes for the children list - FIXED

Reports – Family Group Reports do not add witnesses to a child's birth - FIXED

Reports – Formatted notes overprint in Family Group Reports and other reports - FIXED

Reports – Hint Report – Translations don't fit in window, layout problems with paper sizes - FIXED

Reports – If you have shared a marriage event, the people with whom it was shared will not appear - FIXED

Reports – Including long stories on Ancestor Book report causes the title of the report to appear even if you have the title turned off - FIXED

Reports – Incorrect use of next in relationships/marriages when there is a mix - FIXED

Reports – Index Report ignores some privacy options - FIXED

Reports – Interview Report – "Save questions" needs to save to /AppData - FIXED

Reports – LDS Ordinances Report – Missing confirmation and initiatory information - FIXED

Reports – Location Report – Calculation of Ages at Event incorrect - FIXED

Reports – Long location names truncate instead of word wrapping - FIXED

Reports – Marriage paragraph is no longer including the parents of the spouse - FIXED

Reports – Married name issues in Calendar Creator and Calendar List- FIXED

Reports – Migration Report – Text overlap with long country names - FIXED

Reports – Minor variation in screen naming/title origins vs Migration Reports - FIXED

Reports – Name Tag Report – Font setting for Credit Lines does not work - FIXED

Reports – Name tag report gives error 3061: Too few parameters. Expected 1 when you attempt to run it - FIXED

Reports – Noted events are showing incorrect gender for children in book reports - FIXED

Reports – Origins Report is missing state flags for NH, NJ, NY, NC, ND, NM, SC, SD - FIXED

Reports – Other – Address Labels "what to print" settings errors - FIXED

Reports – Override Privacy Settings are being ignored for spouses of children in book reports - FIXED

Reports – Parents are missing for Main Person paragraphs in the Ancestor Book Report - FIXED

Reports – Problem with Descendant Book Reports with Other Parents - FIXED

Reports – Problem with use of [FullName] - in Ancestor Book Reports - FIXED

Reports – Problem With Wording string [Marriage/Relationship] - FIXED

Reports – Problems with Family Group Report and RINs and non-RIN IDs - FIXED

Reports – Problems with Name Tag and Address List Reports - FIXED

Reports – Problems with Source Citation placement on the Individual and Family Group Reports - FIXED

Reports – Pronoun wording issue – FIXED

Reports – Publishing Center – Margins of Additional pages do not conform to page setup settings - FIXED

Reports – Publishing Center – Publishing Center is resetting to default margins between sessions - FIXED

Reports – Publishing Center does not save/load books correctly - FIXED

Reports – Relationship Chart Report - The life spans for the Most Recent Common Ancestor couple is missing - FIXED

Reports – Report Index options – Add include married names - FIXED

Reports – Report Title Options do not include [HusbMarriedSurname] and [WifeMarriedSurname] - FIXED

Reports – Reports are mis-reporting Child-Parent relationships for same-sex couples - FIXED

Reports – Reports missing Privacy Options - FIXED

Reports – Running the Name List Report and creating a CSV file in multiple files causes Legacy to crash with Run-time Error '3420' - FIXED

Reports – Shared events do not appear unless that location is also being used elsewhere for that person - FIXED

Reports – Source Citation Report - some source citations from shared events are missing from the report - FIXED

Reports – Source Citation Report - Source titles include italics codes instead of italic format for List Style report - FIXED

Reports – Source reference number is not appearing for the main individual in the individual report - FIXED

Reports – Surname Summary Report - Missing Surnames only used as AKA - FIXED

Reports – The birth witnesses are missing for the children in an Family Group Report - FIXED

Reports – The word "next" is being left out for relationships (not married) when the person has more than one marriage/relationship - FIXED

Reports – To-Do Report – CSV output does not include the repository information for subsequent entries - FIXED

Reports – To-Do Report File ID Number are not in the gray block with the Date and short Research Task Description - FIXED

Reports – Use Quoted Names for Narratives in chart reports should be greyed out - FIXED

Reports – Using another language in the Chart Style Reports does not change all headings in the report - FIXED

Reports – When you have a AKA using the max character limit it will spill over in a Chronology Comparison Report - FIXED

Reports – When you have a file with many addresses you receive error 6 overflow when only living or only dead is selected - FIXED

Reports – You cannot create a descendant chart report with only a location index, the name index is always included - FIXED

Scrapbook – The option to change the font and font attributes for the captions is not working - FIXED

Search – Creating a CSV file from search does not include all instances of an event - FIXED

Search – When you go to search>find in Legacy while your language it set to Spanish it freezes Legacy - FIXED

Search Internet – Add birth month and date to internet search - FIXED

Search Internet – Cannot select husband's alt names - FIXED

Search Internet – Males can have married names but they're not available in Internet Search - FIXED

Search Internet – The new [BirthMM] - and [BirthDD] - skip leading zeros - FIXED

Search Internet – The use of an alternate name in internet search does not work - FIXED

Search Internet – Using search>internet>FamilySearch(historical records) does not auto fill the boxes - FIXED

Search Internet – Using search>internet>FamilySearch(historical records) with any browser but Edge it will not fill in the search boxes - FIXED

Search Replace – Search and Replace does not honor option 3.10 when Bap/Baptism is selected - FIXED

Search Replace – Search and replace is not functioning - FIXED

Set Relationships – Wrong Spanish translation for 'brother-in-law' in DBM file - FIXED

Shared Events – [MainPerson] – is not following all uppercase report options in reports - FIXED

Shared Events – [SharedNotes] does not work correctly with < and > around them - FIXED

Shared Events – Error in role preview sentence - FIXED

Shared Events – Sometimes after you have assigned a role to someone, the role changes itself to (none - leave blank) - FIXED

Source Clipboard – Clear All button on Source Clipboard does not honor the default setting for Prompt for Detail set at Options > Customize 7.4 - FIXED

Sources – Source Citation Report problems - FIXED

Stories – Problems with printing Stories - FIXED

Stories – Story media button disappears - FIXED

Toolbars – Tooltips need to be updated - FIXED

12 July 2021 - Version - Build

Book and Chart Reports – Can't exit from warning message – FIXED

Book and Chart Reports – Source footnote not showing in FGS for notes when option "If including notes, put them at the end of the report" is unchecked – FIXED

Book Reports – Does not show age for death/burial for parents when using the Spanish language – FIXED

Book Reports – Does not show the RIN for the starting person – FIXED

Book Reports – Misplacement of Noted events in their marriage – FIXED

Book Reports – When you leave marriage event wording in the wording 1 tab blank it prints out "Noted events in their marriage were:" – FIXED

Book Reports – Not showing marriage events when spouse is unknown – FIXED

Book Reports – Text overlapping pictures – FIXED

Book Reports – Lines going over margins – FIXED

Book Reports – If the spouse has parents, then there is an extra space before the marriage date – FIXED

Book Reports – Individuals without surnames not showing in name index when you have the option "slashes around surnames" checked – FIXED

Book Reports – Option to use present tense in Event Sentences not working – FIXED

Calendar Reports – Married Name bugs in Calendar Creator and Calendar List – FIXED

Calendar Reports – Married Name from Preferred Marriage used instead of Last Marriage – FIXED

Census List Search – Add the "1939 Register" to the drop down list of censuses for England and Wales – FIXED

Chart Reports – Color Text and Boxes broken for coloring tagged people – FIXED

Chart Reports – With Color Text and Boxes you can choose to color both for a tag AND a hashtag on most Chart Reports – FIXED

Chart Reports – Privacy bracket options are not being honored and are not sticking in the report menu – FIXED

Chronology View and Report – Death of spouse has incorrect wording in the chronology view when you are viewing as a list style – FIXED

Chronology View and Report – Chronology View does not translate partnership correctly when transitioning from English to Spanish – FIXED

Chronology Comparison Report – Report resets RIN settings when you close and re–open the menu – FIXED

Dates – When you enter a single date it is adding Between before the date – FIXED

Descendant View – Right Click Menu Syncing Problem – Wrong name displayed after view is scrolled past page – FIXED

Descendant View – Shows birth date of the main person for spouse when spouse is not entered when using years lived – FIXED

Events Sentences – Problem with Legacy Standard Event Separation – FIXED

Events Sentences – Event definition replaceable fields are mislabeled and not working correctly in Spanish – FIXED

FamilySearch – Certain people in Legacy Family Search do not show data in the share tab – FIXED

FamilySearch – Quotation marks in sources are transferring with back slashes – FIXED

FamilySearch – Not displaying correct Ordinance status icons – FIXED

FamilySearch – Upload to FamilySearch through LFS fails due to translation problem – FIXED

FamilySearch – Cannot add spouses from Legacy to Family Search – FIXED

FamilySearch – Source notes are not transferring from Family Search – FIXED

File Maintenance – Check/Repair – There's a problem with the new checkbox for duplicate marriages – FIXED

File Maintenance – Duplicate Find–a–Grave numbers – FIXED

Gedcom Export – Tagging options will not stick in the GEDCOM export – FIXED

Gedcom Export – Override private marriage is not working, the tag FAMC is not being included in the export – FIXED

Gedcom Import – Not importing EVEN type events correctly – FIXED

Gedcom Import – Using the File > New File option to import a Gedcom gives a restricted Gedcom import screen – FIXED

Getting Started Wizard – First entered person always on left, even if female – FIXED

Help File & Broken Help Links – Add hidden Reset function information to Help file – Topic 9–1033 : 50424 – FIXED

Help File & Broken Help Links – Codes on Help Topics not standardized – FIXED

Help File & Broken Help Links – Name List/Search List Help article doesn't explain adding hashtags or have a link to the relevant article – FIXED

Keyboard Shortcuts – Cannot remove a Source if a picture is attached – FIXED

Legacy Website – Minimum computer requirements not consistent across the website – FIXED

Legacy Website – Spelling error on "Where can I find the build date of my Legacy program?" (on the main FAQ page) – FIXED

Locations – Deleting Unused Location leaves the mouse pointer on busy – FIXED

Media Gallery – Sometimes shows the name/RIN of the person but other times does not – FIXED

Name/Search List – Button text inconsistencies with gender – FIXED

Name Tags Report – The Report does not print in alphabetical order – FIXED

Potential Problems – Flags a marriage error if deceased individual has a marriage date and an unknown death – FIXED

Potential Problems – Missing alert when person without marriage date is marked as married but died young – FIXED

Potential Problems – Alerts for living individuals with marriage date in error – FIXED

Report Options – Missing space in Option 12.2 – FIXED

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Relationship Calculator – Partnerships are showing as married in the relationship report when you run as a text file – FIXED

Renumber RINs – Renumber RINs or MRINs is not saving previous changes in the RINLog.txt file – FIXED

Report Options – No Control in Report Options to include Marriage User ID – FIXED

Search – Program crashes when Search button is pressed – FIXED

Search – The detailed search when searching for individuals with a certain master source is giving results it should not be – FIXED

Search – Error 13 when using Search tool – FIXED

Search Internet – Ancestry.com internet search in Legacy does not accept international alphabets – FIXED

Search Internet – Add search with alt names – ADDED

Search Internet – Library and Archives of Canada shows errors – FIXED

Search Internet – Missing search for “The Genealogist” – FIXED

Search Internet – Problems with Customizing Internet Searches – FIXED

To Do List – To–Do Clipboard Load does not work – FIXED

Toolbars – Remove the Map Family icon from Customize Toolbar selection – FIXED

Translation – Strange Faroese text in: View–Namelist–Options–Print–Row 1–Buried– X – FIXED

Translation – Norwegian – Bokmål translation errors in the Options > Customize > 8.9 – FIXED

User Interface – Change marriage to family in frmAdd – FIXED

Windows Issues – Using Right Click and select file in Windows 7 Taskbar changes Options > Customize to always open last used file – FIXED

18 February 2021 - Version - Build

Chronology View - Brings birth instead of death location to front for Deaths - FIXED

Chronology View - Report Reset of Display/Report options is checking Private Events and not adding an asterisk to the Privacy button - FIXED

Chronology View - Unchecking "Limit to the lifetime of the main individual" will not include the spouse's death info - FIXED

Data Entry - Dates Ages are not calculated for Events when a date range includes a double date - FIXED

Event Definition - Conditional fields <::living words::non-living words> not being used in Reports for Living people - FIXED

Event Definition - Definition uses inDate when you have a date range and you set it to fromDate - FIXED

Event Definition - Event Description changes word following a period to initial Caps - FIXED

Event Definition - Sentence Override ondate produces 'from' rather than 'on' date - FIXED

Events - Privacy brackets are not being honored in the event preview - FIXED

Events - Shared events in Spanish are not showing the starting person's name in the shared event preview and in reports - FIXED

Events - Shared Events Preview of Sentence when FirstHeShe is used in Shared Event Role Sentences shows Title prefix rather than First Name - FIXED

Family View - Buried/Cremated field changes between short name and long name in the family view - FIXED

Family View - Changing a burial to cremated is not changing the burial field label in the family view - FIXED

Family View - Help button on Customize Family View frmCustomView is inactive - FIXED

Family View - Label for ;;Buried::Cremated displays incorrectly - FIXED

Family View - Wife is not correctly translated in the view and add menus for Spanish - FIXED

File - File > Delete File leaves files behind - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Add a date record as a sub record to the TYPE record in am Marr record. It is illegal. - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Blank/Unknown partner being treated as Living in Export causing suppression of details for their deceased spouse - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Exporting part of a file to Gedcom turns off Options-Customize 5.5 - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Gedcom Export is not exporting User Custom Events - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Gedcom Export is not exporting User Custom Events - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Media File ID not included in Legacy type Gedcom - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Problem with Gedcom Export of Divorce Event and Divorced Status - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Problems with Exporting Divorce Events. - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Social Security Number is not being excluded from GEDCOM export when you remove it from the "export these items" list - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Import is not importing the SLGC tag correctly and sealed to parents does not transfer correctly - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Import SSN and ANUL tags are not being imported correctly - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Large GEDCOM import from Ancestry.com creates unknowns - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Problems with importing a Gedcom with couple with multiple marriages - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Problems with importing Divorce Events. - FIXED

Hashtags - Create list from hashtag search is broken - FIXED

Help File - 8.14 Prompt Styles missing from Help - FIXED

Help File - Bad link in Help file - FIXED

Help File - Color Text and Boxes Help "Custom Box Colors" 9-0143 : 60927 needs link to Set Ancestor Colors - FIXED

Help File - Color Text and Boxes not mentioned in any Chart Report Help - FIXED

Help File - frmCustomView - Help Button does not work - FIXED

Help File - Help Topic 9-0123 Includes reference to non-existent Print Button and has no mention of Compare - FIXED

Help File - Help topic 9-0212 : 80622 - A little blurb needs to be added explaining where these files are and how to back them up - FIXED

Help File - Help Topic 9-1311 has an incorrect spelling for the region Antrin in Ireland - FIXED

Help File - Incompatible Entries Error box frmMsgBoxX - Missing help - FIXED

Help File - Line Spacing article 9-1145 needs editing and Page Setup 9-0025 : 00826 needs further editing - FIXED

Help File - Name List article # 9-1035:51019 in the help index has broken links for Notes, Sources and LDS - FIXED

Help File - Needed changes to 9-1035 - FIXED

Help File - Pedigree View Help 9-1048 : 50821 - some sections in illogical order - FIXED

Help File - Pedigree View Tips & Tricks doesn't explain how to turn on the Spouse/Children and Sibling lists - FIXED

Help File - Problems with Add/Edit Stories Help File 9-0016: 00522 - FIXED

Help File - Resolve and Document Event Note settings in events and report options - FIXED

Help File - Shortcut Key article 9-1102 : 61021 doesn't include the Alt + N on Individual screen to check "no known marriage..." - FIXED

Help File - Topic 9-0559 Defining Event Roles has a strike through in the 3rd paragraph - FIXED

Help File - User ID - Help on what they are and how to add is difficult to find. - FIXED

Help File - Wrong information in Edit section of Media Locations Help 9-2203 : 40819 - FIXED

Hints - Problem with FamilySearch Hints - FIXED

Hints - Problems with doing test login to FamilySearch in Opt. 8.13 - FIXED

Hints - Processing Monitor Report "FSID Found" should be "No FSID" - FIXED

Index View - Include Married Name is no longer sticky in Index View - FIXED

Index View - Include married names in Index View is not possible, if your setting in 2.8 is set to 0-None... - FIXED

Individual Information - Change it so when you open the screen it does not default to the first event - FIXED

Individual Information - Unwanted Gender Change by accidental click on M F or ? - FIXED

Marriage List - CSV export option for the Marriage List - FIXED

Name/Search List - Default Selection when opened if Married Names or AKA's included - FIXED

Name/Search List - Hashtags are not showing up in the name list report - FIXED

Name/Search List - LDS Ordinance Information wrong for Husband - FIXED

Name/Search List - List Report RINs are not showing for surrounding relatives when you have this option turned on - FIXED

Options – Customize - Current Legacy Defaults for Option 8.2 are causing user problems. - FIXED

Options – Customize - Option 12.5 Message being used incorrectly - FIXED

Options – Customize - Option 7.1 Source Entry System - Ask which system to use when adding - doesn't work - FIXED

Potential Problems - Marking a PP Alert as not a problem is not working - FIXED

Potential Problems - PP giving peculiar results - broken - especially for Child order. - FIXED

Potential Problems - PP individuals do not match error reported - FIXED

Potential Problems - PP option "No space after a period in a name field" does not work for names entered in the Alternate Names field - FIXED

Potential Problems - Prefixes handled differently for the main name vs. an AKA - FIXED

Reports - Problems with Book Reports and Invisible People - FIXED

Reports - "Given names only" does not work - FIXED

Reports - Add "Report Settings" above the Load, Save and Reset buttons on frmNameTag and on frmSourceLabels - FIXED

Reports - All marriage details need to be suppressed when the Spouse/Partner not in the report line is marked Private or Invisible - FIXED

Reports - Assigning the same source to a second spouse relationship and the name causes the source to duplicate in the FGR - FIXED

Reports - Children from this marriage were: has a blank line between it and the children in the ancestor report but not descendant report - FIXED

Reports - Dates in Reports use "From" when they should use "on" or "in". - FIXED

Reports - Death cause wording is showing His instead of Her for a female child in the ancestor book report - FIXED

Reports - Event label wording in the wording 1 tab for reports shows correctly for the first person but not for any others - FIXED

Reports - Event Picture Select is not sticking under Pictures Tab - FIXED

Reports - Family Dictionary Report - Missing progress bar while creating report - FIXED

Reports - Family Group Report option to color people with a Hashtag not working - FIXED

Reports - French Version Placeholder text has typo causing errors on reports - FIXED

Reports - Individual Report doesn't include "...no known marriage and no known children" source - FIXED

Reports - Origins Report includes RINs even when this option is turned off - FIXED

Reports - Photo Album - Picture Descriptions Wrap to next page incorrectly - FIXED

Reports - Photo Album > Options - Page setup settings not working - FIXED

Reports - Privacy brackets within the date and location fields are controlled by the private "notes" option - FIXED

Reports - Problem with Children with Invisible Child-Parent Relationships - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Name index has duplicate entries when creating a book in the publishing center with a Family Tree report included - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Scrapbook does not keep the target person when you change it in the publishing center - FIXED

Reports - Source citation for notes is showing in the Family Group report even if notes are turned off - FIXED

Reports - Source Citation Report - Citations attached to To-Do tasks are not included - FIXED

Reports - Spouse notes are showing incorrect notes in family group report when you have the option to put notes at end of report unchecked - FIXED

Reports - Stories are not printing in the right place - FIXED

Reports - When using the focus group and all spouses in the family group report it prints the wrong family - FIXED

Scrapbook - Print Scrapbook has lost the ability to choose how many images per page - FIXED

Search and Replace - "Find Whole Word only" does not work with the option "starts with" in the search and replace tool for location list - FIXED

Search and Replace - If you try to replace with emdash endash using the symbol, the preview shows \emdash - FIXED

Search and Replace - Tab and CR buttons not working right - FIXED

Search and Replace - Will not find Carriage Returns - FIXED

Set Relationships - No way for the user to know which option is in use - FIXED

Sources - Adding a new basic source citation will not add the source to the event - FIXED

Sources - Assigned sources are showing the incorrect field label for the father relationship when only the father is attached to a child - FIXED

Sources - Assigned Sources screen has a field for "Never Married" which now should be "No Known Marriage" - FIXED

Sources - Bibliography Preview will not use Overrides from Master Source - FIXED

Translation - Missing Translation for Printer Setup Button - FIXED

User Interface - Adding a picture to a person does not change the modified date for that person - FIXED

User Interface - Other Assigned Sources - The Burial field does not update to Cremated - FIXED

User Interface - This couple did not marry in marriage information is not readable when using the Danish language - FIXED

User's Guide - Multiple corrections - FIXED

Web Pages - Footer needs a disclaimer - FIXED

Web Pages - Individual web page is showing a name with no information above another person's name - FIXED

Web Pages - Page titles don't stick - FIXED

Web Pages - Reset button in web page creation malfunctions - FIXED

Web Pages - Suppress details for living individuals is not suppressing notes in the Family Style Web page - FIXED

Web Pages - Wrong gender in sentence for same sex marriage - FIXED

29 September 2020 - Version - Build

Tools - Renumber RINs had a problem that could cause problems with your family file. Do not use Check/Repair until you get this new build. FIXED

Search - Search Internet could overwrite custom searches – FIXED

4 September 2020 - Version - Build

Events - Shared Events were not loading properly and were showing other shared events when you edit them instead of the shared event you clicked. FIXED

Tools - County Verifier Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota changed names – FIXED

2 September 2020 - Version - Build

Charting - Afrikaans Language Translation of Charting is missing - FIXED

Charting - Spanish Language Translation of Charting is missing - FIXED

Data Entry - Dates BC dated Events: "BC" dropped from Event sentences when using "fromDate" - FIXED

Data Entry - Dates Cannot add private unknown date - FIXED

Data Entry - Dates If you enter a date before the year 100 the year will read out with 4 digits even if you have that option turned off - FIXED

Data Entry - Dates If you use "to" in a date the word "to" will be uppercase in reports - FIXED

Data Entry - Dates If you use From/to in a date, the From will be uppercase in reports when it should be lowercase - FIXED

Data Entry - Names On the Family View the Prefix field has 120 characters, on the Name List it only has 50 characters - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links 9-0324 : 70217 Order a Legacy Manual needs to be removed or changed - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links 9-1035 Notes, Sources, and LDS have been struck through and the link is missing - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Exporting Gedcom Files Help message 9-1023 : 31144 Does not match the product - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Family View Help file 9-1036 : 50408 missing Stories Icon help - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Help topic 9-0025 : 50512 needs editing and 9-1146 needs to be removed since Print Size and Line Spacing options changed - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Help Topic 9-0137 Needs icons added for new features - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Hints entry in the Help File needs some work - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links How to combine/merge Hashtags is not in the Help File - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Marriage Address screen - Help button pointing to the wrong article - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Missing explanation that the Basic style source and SourceWriter system source cannot be combined - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Omissions and Layout Problems in Name List Help - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Please remove references to Billion Graves from Help File 9-1034 : 80514 - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Problems with Add/Edit Stories Help message 9-0016: 61227 - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Report Options Help issues for Book Reports 9-0074 : 50617 - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Tags Exclude Group Not available as documented - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Topic 8-0046 - Wrong info on what tabs are available - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Wrong folder listed for log file for RINlogtxt file in 9-0106 – FIXED

Events - Other Using the add another button in the event screen causes any media attached to the event screen to show in the new event screen - FIXED

Events - Sentences Does not save updated events sentences – FIXED

Events - Sentences Selecting date setting 51 Format day with period breaks including preposition in [ondate] - FIXED

Events - Sentences Sentence Previews Problem for Marriage Events - FIXED

Events - Shared Events Adding New Role for Shared Events - Drop Down Selection does not update - FIXED

Events - Shared Events Deleting or merging someone that has a shared marriage event will cause a crash - FIXED

Events - Shared Events Event notes are not saving after the event is shared if the notes are set to be excluded from the event - FIXED

Events - Shared Events Media issue with shared vital events – FIXED

Events - User Interface "Remove Name-Only Events" can't be resized - FIXED

Events - User Interface Event Definition Labels are mistranslated in Spanish - FIXED

Events - User Interface Individual Chart Report - Option to Include Private Master Events not working - FIXED

FamilySearch - "Copy Ordinances to Legacy" is not bringing over all of the ordinances - FIXED

FamilySearch - An entry of "Needs More Information" in the Master Temple List appears to make "Needs More Information" as a valid temple entry - FIXED

FamilySearch - BIC is an old abbreviation no longer used on – FIXED

FamilySearch - BIC is not being transferred from Legacy FamilySearch to Legacy- FIXED

FamilySearch - Cannot transfer multiple parents from LFS to FS at once - FIXED

FamilySearch - Certain event/facts in Family Search will not transfer to Legacy via Legacy Family Search - FIXED

FamilySearch - Event dates are not importing from Family Search correctly when there is a date range being replaced - FIXED

FamilySearch - Extra Ordinance Icon in Legacy FamilySearch required - FIXED

FamilySearch - Fix Legacy FamilySearch to support August 2020 API Changes- FIXED

FamilySearch - Remove person from Not a match list not working - FIXED

FamilySearch - Legacy FamilySearch Does not Support Use of Short Location names - FIXED

FamilySearch - Ordinances ready or shared with church missing - FIXED

FamilySearch - Special characters in sources do not transfer from Legacy to Family Search - FIXED

FamilySearch - Unable to download FamilySearch sources to anything but vital events - FIXED

FamilySearch - Update Matches does not replace Legacy ordinance events with official church records as advertised - FIXED

FamilySearch - Update Matches: New option to only use the individuals visible in the "My Legacy People" list - FIXED

FamilySearch - User selections on the Update Matches screen do not hold between sessions - FIXED

FamilySearch - When editing date accessed during transfer of a source citation from Family Search to Legacy the edit does not stick - FIXED

File - File Maintenance Check-Repair is not cleaning up duplicate MRINs - FIXED

File - File Maintenance Unhelpful Check/Repair error message - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Gedcom Export includes MARR tag even for families with no marriage - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Gedcom Export of "This Couple Did not Marry" does not also export a Unmarried Status tag - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Link for FSID#'s is broken - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export MARR tag missing in marriage without a Date - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Problem with Gedcom Export of "This Couple did not marry" - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Problem with Gedcom Export when Option 34 selects slashes around surname - FIXED

File - Gedcom Import A stronger warning message is needed when you abort a gedcom import - FIXED

File - Gedcom Import Gedcom Import assumes marriage even if no MARR tag - FIXED

File - Legacy Export Legacy Export does not retain the story sequence from the original file - FIXED

File - Legacy Export Suppressing details for living people removes the tags when you export to a Legacy file - FIXED

File - Open File List of Files Found, Add the last modified date for each file the Windows date/time stamp - IMPLEMENTED

Hashtags - Icon "Hashtags Search" in My Toolbar, the name and the explanation popup title are not correct - FIXED

Hints - My Heritage Hints messages confusing people - FIXED

Initialization and Startup - Link on company Information screen in German incorrect - FIXED

Internet - Create Web Pages Ancestor Style omits individual User ID - FIXED

Internet - Create Web Pages Link for FSID#'s is broken - FIXED

Master Lists - Addresses Selecting Event Addresses - Different if picture is attached - FIXED

Master Lists - Addresses The Notes box on the Address tab at the bottom of the screen is editable but doesn't link to the notes section under Edit - FIXED

Master Lists - General Missing Default Marriage Status - Engaged - FIXED

Master Lists - Locations Add life spans on names in Master Location List - IMPLEMENTED

Master Lists - Locations Cannot Edit Marriage data from Locations Master List - FIXED

Master Lists - Locations Combine duplicate locations loses Tag and Ver - FIXED

Master Lists - Locations Problems with Name List in Master Locations list - FIXED

Master Lists - Locations Tags in Used by List in Master Locations list - FIXED

Master Lists - Surname Running the combine duplicate tool on a large file in the master surname list causes error 3265 - FIXED

Media - Media Folders Wrong media folder opens when adding a picture to Source Detail or Master Source in the Assigned Sources window - FIXED

Media - Media Gallery - Photo Album Legacy includes a border line when you have "Include Border Line" DEselected - FIXED

Media - Media Gallery Invalid Report Missing jpg when loading new while editing non-picture files - FIXED

Media - Media Gallery When you re-link a media item that has been renamed manually it does not re-link - FIXED

Options - Colors Grid style tabs/views do not use the users defined highlight setting from colour settings - FIXED

(Video) Legacy Family Tree Genealogy and Family History Software

Options - Colors Option to change the color of highlighted items - FIXED

Options - Select Language Select a Language screen has no Cancel button - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports All the book style reports convert English locations 'Down Ampney' and 'Down Hatherley' to 'down Ampney' and 'down Hatherley' - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Ancestor Book Child Lists omits "no known marriage and no known children" when Spouses included - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Annulment marriage status does not read out correctly in reports - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Death cause is printing with the word “she” in book reports when the gender is set to unknown - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Book - Gender included when turned off in Text, HTML and RTF reports - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Book Report - The new option "Include Gender for Children" not working properly for RTFs - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Book Report - The screen print and PDF print options format the child list correctly, TXT, RTF and HTML do not - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Book: Problems with slashes around /Surnames/ and AKA tilde " ~ " in the index - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Narrative - Missing Parents names for starting person if Sources as footnotes is selected - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Narrative – some phrases not translated in other languages - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Narrative Book Report - Quoted names not working correctly - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Event notes are not included in text output - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports FAG numbers are no longer showing up in Descendant narrative as they were in Build 258GR - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports In descendant report the text sometimes overlap the picture - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Invisible people are being included in Child Lists as Spouses in Ancestor Book - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Married Names are shown in the Index, even though a couple is not married, thus no change of name! - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Name index is not displaying all of the names when you have slashes around surnames turned on in the RTF output - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Narrative Reports - Blanks for missing spouse name incorrectly placed - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Option to Include Children's Events sometimes available in Narrative reports when it should be Greyed out - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Print Bibliography option won't stick - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Problems with Story Spacing - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Second wife sometimes missing in Descendant & Narrative Book Reports - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Story pictures in the descendant narrative and the descendant book are not formatting correctly - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports The Name index in book reports is not following the privacy setting to suppress details for living individuals on alternate names - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports User ID's are not showing up in the Descendant Narrative Book Report and Ancestor book report - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports User needs option to add a spacing line before a story - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts If you start an event note with an ordinal number, Legacy will capitalize the first letter in reports 3rd goes to 3Rd - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts Including Chronology pages in the Family Group report causes error when spouse has no dates - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts Married names are being generated and placed in Report Indexes when they shouldn't be - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts Missing Information in Family Group Report - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts Option to Use Quoted Name problems - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts Pedigree report does not remove leading commas in locations on more than 4 generations - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts Standard Version - Bibliography Option is available but does not print - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts Unchecking the option to put notes at the end of the Family Group report stops the source footnotes for marriage notes - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Blank Report in Individual Chart does not work - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Chart Style Report Picture Options - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Events Display in Individual Report is not lined up - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Family Group Report - If the person has a second relationship unmarried the wording is still "Other Spouse" - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Family Group Report & Individual text output - a note entry for one event is duplicated throughout events - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Family Group Report and "no known marriage and no known children" bugs - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Family Group Report Notes position problem when new option unchecked - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Footer - Produced by Legacy is being placed in the body of the report for all Chart Reports - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Individual Report - If "Picture of Main Person" is selected, you get white space to the left instead of the vital fields - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Individual Report - If you "Include Chronology Pages" you will lose your Location Index - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Individual Report - Source Picture Problems when Chronology Pages Included - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Timeline Report - Color Text and Boxes not working properly for tags and hashtags – FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings Print Size does not work - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings Report Credit Information in the Footer does not honor the margins - FIXED

Reports - Other Calendar Creator with options Remove Quoted Name AND Use Married Name doesn't remove quoted name - FIXED

Reports - Other Display Numbers on Name turned on overrides report option for not showing RIN in Calendar List report for males only - FIXED

Reports - Other Event Report interspersed with many pages that are 90% blank - FIXED

Reports - Other Family Dictionary report will show name prefixes/suffixes on children but not on the main person - FIXED

Reports - Other Printing Address Labels to a Text file - "With Quotes" option - strange results when checked vs checked - FIXED

Reports - Other Questionnaire - The section for the children is not labeled as such - FIXED

Reports - Other Source labels are printing the same wrong Source Detail-Text/Comment for all sources - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center If you export a book as a HTML file, only the last chapter exports - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Publishing Center: wrong spouses on individual reports - FIXED

Search - Problem with searching for quoted names - FIXED

Search - Random crashing - FIXED

Sources - Data Entry File ID Assistant - the Source Citation File ID field allows you to type as many characters you want but only displays 50 - FIXED

Sources - Source Clipboard Text and comments on the Source Clipboard screen are lost when a source is moved left or right - FIXED

Stories - If you enter a backslash \ in a Story it will disappear after you close and open the Story back up - FIXED

Stories - Keyboard shortcut F4 pulls up the Assigned Sources screen does not work in Stories - FIXED

Stories - Print/preview is not working - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Adding Timeline to Chronology Changes Notes order - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Birth and death labels in the Chronology View are not consistent - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Chronology Report - Marriage locations not emphasized in Bold - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Chronology Report includes United States with option to 'Remove US/USA/United States from locations' not working correctly - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Chronology Report not in list of Reports - Other Reports - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Chronology Tab and Report - Norwegian Bokmal - Incorrect Term for unknown Gender Child - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Chronology View - Spacing problem when Age at Death is included with Life Range - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Chronology View missing information in some cases - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Chronology View Options - Option to Display/Print in Black and White not working - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Granddaughters and Grandsons are showing blanks for Place of Birth in the Chronology report - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Highlight does not follow setting in Options > Customize - List Style - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Historical Timelines bug when events limited to lifetime of the individual - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report If there are children born on the same day, their death days may not sort properly on the Chronology View of their parents - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Invisible people not being omitted completely in Chronology Report when they're not in Direct Line - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Invisible people not being omitted completely in Chronology Report - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report List Style - locations emphasized - Birth location for Child and Grandchild births omitted - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report List Style with emphasized locations - Marriage location is not brought to the beginning - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Marriage notes are in the wrong place - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Private Dates, Locations and Notes are omitted from Chronology View unless Report Privacy settings are overridden - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Timelines - "Limit events to the lifetime of the individual" is not working - FIXED

Tabs - Chronology View and Report Unknown Genders reported in Chronology View as Son of Parent - FIXED

Tabs - Family View Add File Pathname to Quick Look - IMPLEMENTED

Tabs - Family View Clicking Picture icon on Family View when Picture is missing gives gives an error message - FIXED

Tabs - Family View Family View Labels - The Names to Display and Short Name fields are greyed out for the Burial Date/Place label and should not be - FIXED

Tabs - Family View Private Dates not showing as private dates in Family View and Pedigree View - FIXED

Tabs - Index View Having either Include Alternate or Married Names selected causes the wrong person to be highlighted when switching from Family View to Index View - FIXED

Tabs - Index View Highlight line on Descendant View, Index View, Scrolling Grid and the Name List is not following Highlight from Options > Customize - FIXED

Tabs - Index View Index View: Turning off "0-None - don't generate married names" in Customize/Data Entry screen locks up Legacy - FIXED

Tabs - Index View Modified Date & Added Date when added to Columns are not using Option 4.8 for the time - FIXED

Tabs - Index View Tab Key Sequencing problem - FIXED

Tabs - Legacy Home To-Dos reminders - Both hot links go to the task edit screen, change one to go to the Individual's Information screen - FIXED

Tools - Advanced Set Living More parameters for Advanced Set Living - FIXED

Tools - Compare Two Files Compare Files for Duplicates - Reports do not identify origin file name - FIXED

Tools - County Verifier County Verifier - Legacy is not "seeing" the second entry of those counties that have two entries - FIXED

Tools - Distance and Bearing Calculator Distance and Bearing calculator adding an extra 0 when you convert decimal to deg/min/sec causes error 5 - FIXED

Tools - Merge Quick Duplicates - expand from 2 spouses to 4 - FIXED

Tools - Merge Show Maiden names for females in Quick Dup displays - FIXED

Translation - 3 lines in the language fields are missing child, this affects all languages - FIXED

Translation Norwegian - Bokmål translation errors in the Options > Customize > 1.5 tagging options - FIXED

User Interface - Icons Inconsistent icons/labels involving the media gallery - FIXED

User Interface - Individual Information When setting Privacy, summary under Invisible is misleading - FIXED

User Interface - Individual Information User ID, FAG and FS ID boxes font style can't be changed - FIXED

User Interface - Keyboard Shortcuts ALT-N marks a persons as never married and no children, isn't working - FIXED

User Interface - Marriage Did not Marry and Marriage Information issues - FIXED

User Interface - Marriage Update wording of "This couple did not marry" checkbox - FIXED

User Interface - Marriage Clicking the sources icon next to a marriage event does not bring up the Assigned Sources screen - FIXED

User Interface - Notes Medical tab - Cursor defaults to the Notes section instead of the Primary Cause of Death field - FIXED

View - Marriage List and Marriage List Report 'Always show this message' option for 'Relationship may be incorrect now' can't be deselected when unlinking a marriage - FIXED

View - Marriage List and Marriage List Report Marriage List - Add "This couple did not marry" and "This couple had no children" as check boxes at the bottom - IMPLEMENTED

View - Name/Search List and List Report Edit Tab AKA button missing * to indicate existing AKAs - FIXED

View - Name/Search List and List Report List Report - Multiple Events of same type not included - FIXED

View - Name/Search List and List Report Name List Edit tab now has old wording for "no known marriage and no known children" - FIXED

View - Name/Search List and List Report name list report breaks the name list - FIXED

View - Name/Search List and List Report Print Search List - Living persons included even when they are excluded in the Privacy Options - FIXED

View - Name/Search List and List Report Search List Sources Tab - Initial Selection Problem When sources are assigned to Unspecified - FIXED

View - Split Screen and Drag & Drop Story Order is not retained in Drag & Drop of person with Multiple Stories - FIXED

View - To Do List To-Do List Report font attributes have the wrong defaults and when you change the font it doesn't respond correctly - FIXED

View - To Do List To-Do List Report overprints - FIXED

22 January 2020 - Version - Build

Priority Fix - All of our Windows security certificates have been updated and will be good for the next 3 years. If you do not update by midnight on January 24, 2020 Legacy will not work until you update

Backup - After an update, the backup file path goes back to the default - FIXED

Backup - If your backup location is a partitioned drive, Legacy will reset the location back to the default - FIXED

Backup - Local Backup Location is not being remembered unless you use File - Backup - FIXED

Chronology View - Problem with RIN/MRIN option - FIXED

Chronology View - Problems with handling Private birth dates - FIXED

Chronology View - Timelines set to Limit Events to Lifetime of the Individual are actually set to Average Life Span - FIXED

County Verifier - County verifier has broken links - FIXED

Dates - Incorrectly displays Calculated dates - FIXED

Descendant View - Highlight line in Descendant View is not following Windows Setting color. - FIXED

Events - Event date keeps wrong date when canceling - FIXED

Events - Random runtime error 3021 - FIXED

Events - Shared Events - Add life span to the "People who share this event" dialog box - NEW FEATURE

Events - Shared Events - Suggestions to improve readability - Tooltip now has full names - FIXED

Family View - Individual Tags temporarily disappear after you have set the Ancestor Colors - FIXED

Family View - Spouse List - Unlinking multiple marriages to same person with remove both entries - FIXED

Family View - When opening the Spouse list, the spouse on the screen in the Family View is not the one highlighted - FIXED

FamilySearch - Click Here to register at FamilySearch link takes you to the main LDS website and not to the registration page - FIXED

FamilySearch - Problem that Legacy FamilySearch merge failures do not adequately tell why - FIXED

FamilySearch - The ability to filter the list by the color of the chains - NEW FEATURE

FamilySearch - Unable to merge duplicates - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Problem with Gedcom export of Private Marriage - FIXED

Help File - "What's in the Legacy Version 9 Deluxe Edition" Help message 9-0108 : 60622 is out of date. - FIXED

Help File - Remove Map references from the Help File - FIXED

Help File - Topic 9-0108 - Spelling problems - FIXED

Hints - Problem with Hint Results for FamilySearch with French version - FIXED

Index View - "Unknown" is showing where there are blank entries - FIXED

Locations - Message for GeoLocation Database Proximity Search needs to be improved - FIXED

Marriage List - If a female has more than one spouse, then the "Link to Parents" does not work correctly - FIXED

Marriage List - Print Private individuals ON by default - FIXED

Media Gallery - Add Media - Incorrect Message if file not found - FIXED

Media Gallery - Automatic name change for duplicate filenames in Media Gallery doesn't work - FIXED

Media Gallery - Closing the Media Gallery using the Windows X discards changes without warning - FIXED

Media Gallery - If you change a date in the Media Gallery sometimes it does not reformat the date to match the Options - FIXED

Media Gallery - Media added as a document in source detail looks for a picture when you manually try to relink the media - FIXED

Merge - Add Date last modified information to General Tab - FIXED

Notes/Text/Comments - Cause of Death field smaller (less characters) than advertised - FIXED

Notes/Text/Comments - If you use braces (curly brackets) { } in certain notes fields the braces will disappear when you save the note - FIXED

Options - Colors - Problem with User Color Settings - FIXED

Options - Customize - Remove Option 8.8 (no longer needed) - FIXED

Picture Center - The Remove command fails for Event and Marriage Photos - FIXED

Potential Problems - Potential problem for burial before death does not recognize estimated dates - FIXED

Potential Problems - Shift Right click does not work to change the Potential Problems settings - FIXED

Potential Problems - Shift-right click does not immediately remove the Potential Problems icon when you globally exclude something - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Calculated dates do not expand abbreviation or lose capitalization in the middle of sentences in Reports - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Find A Grave ID is printing twice - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Invisible Spouse blocks creation of a descendant line in a Descendant Book Report - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Repetition of Story in Ancestor Book Report - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - RINs missing for direct Descendants - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Stories misplaced for Spouses in Descendant Narrative Report - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Stories with photos - photo positioning incorrectly - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Story Placement & Various Omissions in Ancestor Book Report - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Story placement and related issues in Descendant Book Report - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - The first event is single spaced and the rest are double spaced - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - When you turn off duplicates it shows the wrong page number for the main entry - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - With include Children's stories checked, Stories are included in Child List when that Child will have a main entry - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Wrong gender used sometimes when only one parent is known - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts - Calculated date abbreviation doesn't honor Option 5.7 setting - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts - Descendant chart shows wrong page number for main entry when you have boxes turned on - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts - If someone is marked invisible their descendants are not in reports, despite them not being in the line - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts - Problem with Event Sentences in Marriage Events - FIXED

Reports - Books & Charts - Quoted Name is not removed from [MainPerson] in Shared Event Sentences - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style - Format Issues with pictures linked to Stories in the Individual Chart Report - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style - Individual Report - Problems with Privacy for Deceased spouses and children - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Compiler Information screen - The date field is editable but will default back to the current date - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Family Group Report event notes privacy settings not sticking - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Legacy does not remember where you saved your report options - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Notes/Stories Tab - Problems with Clear button and graying out - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Some reports are missing the Printer Setup button - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Source Picture Options not always greyed out when pictures not allowed - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Story Options not greyed out in reports that do not display stories - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - View Last Report - If the Source Labels Report was the last one viewed, it will not display, the one previous will - FIXED

Search - Search field "Never Married" needs to be updated to "No known marriage" for consistency - FIXED

Search Internet - Internet Search Using WorldConnect (Rootsweb) Does not work - FIXED

Sources - Basic - Basic Style source will not retain your choice for "Formatting of Title" - FIXED

Sources - Basic - Period appended to text of details when cited - FIXED

Toolbars - Remove Map Family from the View toolbar - FIXED

User Interface - Menu items not correctly translated to Norwegian - FIXED

Web Pages - Individual web page creation missing information on people - FIXED

28 October 2019 - Version - Build

Addresses - Repeat button missing for the notes. If Repeat is used, and then you combine duplicates, your notes will disappear - FIXED

Addresses - Repeat last entry problem with Sort String - FIXED

Addresses - Run-time error 340 when attempt to access any address - FIXED

Addresses - Shows the same Windows keyboard shortcut for Address List and for Add Media - FIXED

Addresses - Using Repeat Button to Enter an Address Creates Duplicate In Master List - FIXED

Advanced Set Living - Can only be put to 200 years but the option "what age to presume a person is dead" allows over 200 - FIXED

Ancestor Book Report - Problems with non-RIN IDs in Child Lists in Ancestor Book Reports - FIXED

Ancestor Book Report - Puts the first generation label far to the left when you have it set to left-justified - FIXED

Ancestor Book Report and Web Pages - Includes private marriages of children when show spouses is selected - FIXED

Book Reports - Cremated and buried are both showing for females in Spanish book reports - FIXED

Book Reports - Problems with Marriage User IDs and Book Reports - FIXED

Book Reports - User customized compiler settings do not save - FIXED

Calendar Creator - Quoted Name - change wording - FIXED

Calendar List Report - Blank Line for divorced couples, Options not saved - FIXED

Chart Reports - Page Setup - Print options should be greyed out for reports where they do not apply - FIXED

Chart Reports - Record Selection - Tag numbers from 4- 9 do not stick - FIXED

Chart Reports - The Event Format and Address buttons are active for Chart Reports that don't include events - FIXED

Check/Repair - Update from May creates duplicate links for children - FIXED

Chronology Report - Date Prefixes in Chronology Reports are not displaying using the Option 5.7 prefixes - FIXED

Chronology Report - Marriage notes are not formatting correctly with carriage returns - FIXED

Chronology Report - PRIVATE Shared Events in Chronology Report - FIXED

Chronology Report - Problems with Privacy handling and Chronology Reports - FIXED

County Verifier - Lapeer County Michigan was formed from Oakland County in 1822 not 1837 - FIXED

(Video) TFA - Use of Legacy Family Tree Version 9

Descendant Book Report - Child Lists are including Events for the Spouse when Events for Children is OFF - FIXED

Descendant Book Report - Footnote order mixed up in Descendant Book Reports - FIXED

Descendant Book Report - People with Invisible Child-Parent Relationships are not being omitted correctly in Descendant Book - FIXED

Descendant Chart Report - Problem with MRIN in Descendant Chart Report - FIXED

Family Group Report - Date prefix not following setting in 5.7 for circa in Family Group Report Lifespan for parents - FIXED

Family Group Report - Date Prefixes are not following 5.7 prefixes for prefixes on other spouses - FIXED

Family Group Report - Layout Bugs - FIXED

Family Group Report - Missing Source Citations for Confirmation and Endowment - FIXED

Family Group Report - MRIN included for spouse without parents, Private parent names included - FIXED

Family Group Report - Notes for children still appear in the Family Group report when you turn this option off - FIXED

Family Group Report - Problem with Marriage ID and Family Group Report - FIXED

Family Group Report - Problems selecting marriages with Tags for Family Group Records - FIXED

Family Group Report - Some Locations are not reversed on the Location Index when that option is chosen - FIXED

Family Group Report and Individual Chart Report - The Chronology Options button needs to be removed from the Standard version - FIXED

Family View - Invisible Spouses cause problem in Family View - FIXED

FamilySearch - API update to match FamilySearch API changes - FIXED

FamilySearch - BIC is not displaying correctly on Share Data tab - FIXED

FamilySearch - Legacy FamilySearch not showing ordinances - FIXED

FamilySearch - Moving over two spouses from FamilySearch will only show one spouse on the Legacy side in Legacy FamilySearch - FIXED

FamilySearch - Ordinance "not needed" not recognized - FIXED

FamilySearch - Problem with "Born in the Covenant" Dates - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Export of a shared event to regular event in a GEDCOM with an address causes the incorrect address to export - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Exporting to GEDCOM 5.5.1 with stories set as events does not export the stories as events - FIXED

Individual Chart Report - User ID overprints the Father field - FIXED

Individual Information - Burial/Cremated - term change not applied in all areas for Burial - FIXED

Individual Report - Does not honor custom date prefix setting for Circa, Cir, C. - FIXED

Individual Report - Event pictures are not confined within Event lines; the last Event picture is overprinted by Event lines - FIXED

Individual Report - Problems with Individual Report and RINs and non RIN IDs - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Afrikaans no longer a selectable language - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Fan Chart colors for empty boxes are not following the 4 color scheme but are all blue - FIXED

Legacy Home - Link from Legacy Home to Legacy News is invalid - FIXED

Location List Report - Long Names do not word wrap - FIXED

Marriage List Report - Does not show other spouses for females, only for males - FIXED

Marriage screen - Marriage wording overrides are not consistent with formatting - FIXED

Media Gallery - Problem with Media Gallery and Cutting Media Items - FIXED

Media Gallery - Removing and then adding a photo to the Media Gallery has unexpected results - FIXED

Media Gallery - When sorting media in the Media Gallery after pasting a picture from another person that picture goes away - FIXED

Media Gallery - When User does a Media Cut From Gallery, Pop-up Warning Message is not able to be turned off - FIXED

Name and Search Lists - Family Tab suppresses people marked Private or Invisible - FIXED

Pedigree Chart Report - BCIEPSC overprints lines and locations in 5 and 6 generation charts. Font size inconsistencies - FIXED

Pedigree Chart Report - Incorrect label for User ID in Pedigree Chart Report - FIXED

Pedigree Chart Report - Issues when Ancestor Colors are being used - FIXED

Pedigree Chart Report - Privacy options for deceased spouses are not being honored - FIXED

Pedigree Chart Report - The option "If an event has multiple citations, combine them into one paragraph" is not sticking - FIXED

Potential Problems - Gaps tab: Inconsistent upper limits - FIXED

Potential Problems - Option to Check for Problems Saving an Individual is not working - FIXED

Potential Problems - PP is flagging privacy brackets as a problem when used in a name field - FIXED

Potential Problems - Standardization tab - change "Only a question mark in name field" to "Question mark in name field" - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Page Setup - Border Lines not working - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Report Screens Missing Printer Setup Button - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings - Selecting "Suppress details for living people" causes the "Include [[Private]] notes" box to be checkmarked on the next person - FIXED

Search the Internet - Ancestry Internet Search String only uses 1st name field for search - FIXED

Search the Internet - Ancestry.com has End Year greyed out when it should be active - FIXED

Search the Internet - FamilySearch (Historical Records) not working - FIXED

Search the Internet - Search Internet for Current person does not work for FamilySearch.org (Historical Records) - FIXED

Search the Internet - Some of the Internet search links are broken - FIXED

SourceWriter - A closing curly bracket } in the Source Detail Text/Comments boxes will delete all of the subsequent text - FIXED

SourceWriter - SourceWriter is a Deluxe feature but Legacy Standard users have access to it - FIXED

Stories - Adding an apostrophe to a story place field causes the title of the story in the main story screen to show code - FIXED

Stories - The Zoom level in Stories is not sticking but reverts to default on close - FIXED

Toolbars - Edit Toolbar incorrect when using Gender-Neutral - FIXED

Toolbars - Remove FamilyLink.com from Toolbar options and add View Trees tool - FIXED

Tree Finder - keyboard shortcut Alt-E assigned to two buttons - FIXED

Updates - Language Editor is failing with latest Windows 10 security update (Beta Testers only) - FIXED

Web Pages - Pedigree Style Web Page includes Find A Grave ID and Family Search ID when you set it to only show Find A Grave ID - FIXED

16 August 2019 - Version - Build

FamilySearch - Just opening the module adds a source in Legacy - FIXED

FamilySearch - Updated API to correspond with FamilySearch updates - FIXED

File Maintenance - Problem with Check-Repair and FamilySearch Hints - FIXED

Hashtags - Delete Hashtag does not ask for verification before deleting - FIXED

Internet - Find A Grave - Find A Grave searches from Individual Information screen include middle and nicknames - FIXED

Legacy Home tab - Link from Legacy Home to Legacy News is invalid - FIXED

Pedigree View - Having an unknown gender for the main person causes error 20010 in the Pedigree View and crashes Legacy - FIXED

15 June 2019 - Version - Build

Book and Chart Reports - If using a Sentence Override for a Role Sentence, the Role Notes are not picked up - FIXED

Location Report - "Name:" removed from in front of each location - FIXED

19 April 2019 - Version - Build

Basic Style Sources - The Windows Esc key isn't working to close dialog boxes - FIXED

Check Repair - Error 3265 at step 78 of 215 - FIXED

Check/Repair - Problem with alternate names - FIXED

Check/Repair - Reports all Burial and Christening Addresses as errors and removes them - FIXED

Events - Remove name only events tool causes error 3167 - FIXED

Family Dictionary Report - The Family Dictionary Report showing Billion Graves ID at the top of every page - FIXED

Family View - When you have FSID and Find A Grave ID set to the same label in the Family View, if you right click the URL is incorrect - FIXED

FamilySearch - Access Error when attempting to Login to Legacy FamilySearch - FIXED

FamilySearch - Problem with Empty Full Citation Fields being Transferred to LFS - FIXED

FamilySearch - Problems with searching/matching with non-English characters - FIXED

FamilySearch - Update FamilySearch for 15 April 2019 API Changes - FIXED

File > Backup File - Error 527 "SkippingFile' error with new Legacy file - FIXED

File > Gedcom Export - Tweak "Select File Name and Start Export" button for clarification - TWEAKED. The button now says, "Enter Gedcom Name and Start Export"

File > Legacy Export - Exporting to a new Legacy file causes the tblSX FullCitation field to completely blank out - FIXED

Hints - Find My Past hints are not showing up - FIXED

Individual's Information - User ID changes when you sort the events by name/date and when you make any other changes in the individual information screen - FIXED

LDS Ordinance Report - The LDS Ordinance Report disappears from the Other Reports menu when you restart Legacy - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Export to image file - You can only change the Dots per Inch (DPI) one click at a time - FIXED. You can now enter the number manually

Legacy Charting - Female DNA Charts Standard and DNA Only going down are greyed out when you first create a chart - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Inconsistent Esc key behavior closing Box Items and Insert Picture windows - FIXED. All popups will now close when you select the Windows ESC key

Legacy Charting - Paper size option is blank when ordering a chart in Legacy Charting - FIXED

Master Lists > Locations - Master Location list spins when you delete a location - FIXED

Master Lists > Temples - Temple Master List not up-to-date - FIXED

Media Relinker - Media Relinker hangs up on a Windows.old file - FIXED

Options - Customize > Option 8.14 - This doesn't take effect until restarting Legacy - FIXED (there is now a message explaining this)

Options > Customize > Option 7.1 - "Ask which system to use when adding" overrides the radio buttons but doesn't grey them out - FIXED

Pedigree View - Missing Ability to Assign Hashtags in Pedigree View - FIXED

Reports - Clipboard option on Preview was broken - FIXED

Search - LDS options are visible on the Missing Information Search screen even when LDS options are turned off in Option 1.9 - FIXED

SourceWriter Templates Template 347 (Periodicals) - No space between the month and the year - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Canadian Censuses - Hint for Source Details can result in duplication - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Directories > Online Images template omits comma between title and page number - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - No hint for Certificate Type in the Source Detail screen for Birth Certificate - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Probate records showing incorrect hints - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Template 1192 (tax records)- Subsequent Citation missing p for page number - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Template 1220 (birth records, online database), missing a comma and a space between the author and creator - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Template 1231 (birth registers) - Errors in preview and output - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Template 1475 (Find a Grave) needs to have URL updated to https://www.findagrave.com - FIXED

SourceWriter Templates - Template 312 - Research Reports > Privately held, Subsequent Citation missing "p." before page number - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Probate Records > Bound Volumes> Local > Basic Format - Hint text does not match field names - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Template 538 (Naturalization Records) - Missing punctuation and space between series and volume - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Template 723 (internet database),punctuation errors - FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Template 95 - Missing closing ) following URL ()- FIXED (multiple templates)

SourceWriter Templates - Template for Birth Records > Birth Certificate > All countries except... > created at state/prov level > Basic format, the words "birth certificate" does not default in - FIXED

Toolbars - Spouse icon is showing up twice on the Husband/Wife toolbar - FIXED

21 January 2019 - Version - Build

Family View - If you click any icon of the non-highlighted person in the Family View, that person becomes highlighted EXCEPT for the Events icon - FIXED

Family View - Right click to delete a parent in the Family View - inconsistent wording. Changed to Delete Father and Delete Mother on the husband and wife side and whether Traditional or Gender-Neutral wording - FIXED

FamilySearch - Some sources transferring with the source name only, no details - FIXED

Name/Search List and List Report - Word Wrap option is not working on Parent Line - FIXED

Options - Customize - Option 3.10 not working as a Family File setting - FIXED

11 January 2019 - Version - Build

Chart Style Reports - MRIN display in Reports should be displayed consistently as MRIN: nnn - FIXED

Chronology View and Report - There is no option in Chronology Report Options for RINs and MRINs (or other numbers) - FIXED

Family Group Report - Unable to create due to Error 62 and Marriage Not Found error - FIXED

Family View - Missing IDs in Curly Brackets in Family View and Pedigree View - FIXED

FamilySearch - Privacy brackets in sources are being transferred to FamilySearch - FIXED

FamilySearch - Source Notes are not showing in 'Upload this source to FamilySearch' screen and can't be uploaded - FIXED

FamilySearch - Tweaks to the new Lock feature. Locks will now appear on children and spouses - ADDED

FamilySearch - Unable to add a new Discussion (can edit existing ones) - FIXED

Name/Search List - RINs showing twice if you have RINs selected in Option 8.2 - FIXED

Notes/Text/Comments - You can't use \ in notes fields, your text will disappear - FIXED

Options > Customize - Customize 8.2 RIN checkbox is active some places without either of the top two checkboxes checked - FIXED

Options > Customize - You must check BOTH "On Family, Pedigree..." AND "Show RINs on all Name Lists" for RINs to show on Views - FIXED

Pedigree Chart Report - Non-RIN ID option not working - FIXED

Relationship Calculator - RINs in Relationship Calculator Report is no longer controlled by Print settings - FIXED

Reports - Option 8.2 overriding report settings in several reports - FIXED

Reports - Problems with RINs and non-RIN IDs in several reports - FIXED

27 December 2018 - Version - Build

Chronology View and Report - Date Error when using Timelines of US Presidents & US Wars - FIXED

Family View - Right click on Find a Grave label adds a space (%20) before the number so page is not found - FIXED

FamilySearch - Error when scrolling though the filtered lists, list disappears - FIXED

FamilySearch - Error when transferring Q (quarter) dates - FIXED

FamilySearch - New "Lock" icons added to Private/Invisible individuals and Private events. Locks prevent you from transferring private information. Lock icon added to the legend at the bottom of the screen - NEW FEATURE

FamilySearch - Sources are not transferring in Legacy Family Search - FIXED

Individual Chart Report - User ID (when selected to print) overprints the Father field - FIXED

Legacy Charting - German version, remove the colon after the vital event symbols - FIXED

Legacy Charting - After editing a Text Box, ribbon defaults to the Picture Settings instead of the Text Settings - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Editing a Text Box (Border Settings) "Double Lines" labeled "Round" in error - FIXED

Pedigree Chart Report - RINs are showing up twice in the Pedigree Chart Report - FIXED

Research Guidance - Broken Link to Crestleaf.com - FIXED

Timelines - Missing 1911 Census Dates for Scotland and Wales, error on the short info for Scotland 1891 census - FIXED

Timelines - Timeline file for Rulers of England incorrectly says George V abdicated, it was Edward VIII - FIXED

21 November 2018 - Version - Build

FamilySearch - When importing certain individuals we see error "cannot perform join, group, sort or indexed restriction" - FIXED

FamilySearch - Large FamilySearch download that includes "Check for Duplicates" triggers a SQLite3 Error 1 – FIXED

FamilySearch - Incorrect Setting of Preferred Marriages when importing from FamilySearch - FIXED

Family View - When a non-RIN label is selected in Option 8.2, it is displayed in Family View, etc. with a label - FIXED (labels removed)

Family View - When user selects to display FindaGrave, FamilySearch, etc. in Opt. 8.2 they also always display RIN - FIXED

Index View - Gender colors no longer show on the Index View and Descendant View – FIXED

Legacy Charting - Descendant Males Only Chart shows female descendants - FIXED

Legacy Imports - Run-time error 340: control array element '1' doesn't exist when importing files - FIXED

Notes/Text/Comments - Using the endash and emdash in the event notes window will cause a crash when you save the event - FIXED

12 October 2018 - Version - Build

County Verifier - Date range errors with Pendleton District and Pendleton County, SC - FIXED

Distance and Bearing Calculator - Distance & Bearing Tool returns erroneous data - FIXED

Distance and Bearing Calculator - Problems when converting coordinate- FIXED

Distance and Bearing Calculator - Small bearing error (about 0.03 degrees) reported by Distance and Bearing Calculator - FIXED

Events - Problem with "swapping" Vital Events and Events - Description from Event does not move - FIXED

Events - Loss of Vital Event Notes when doing a Swap With Custom Event - FIXED

Events - Swapping a Marriage that has notes and sources with an Alt. Marriage that has notes and sources results in duplicated sources - FIXED

Events - You will lose most of your event notes if you swap an event with a vital event more than once - FIXED

Family View - Scrolling Grid View - No Living Indicator on Children's numbers - FIXED

Family View - Add to whom the relationship belongs to on the relationship labels - ADDED

FamilySearch - "Do not create a citation" is not sticking between sessions when downloading LDS ordinances - FIXED

FamilySearch - An invalid date in the Newsfeed will generate an error message - FIXED

FamilySearch - Cannot print reserved ordinance - FIXED

FamilySearch - Errors with login screen - FIXED

FamilySearch - Event Locations are imported from FamilySearch without importing associated events - FIXED

FamilySearch - FamilySearch downloads break familial bonds- FIXED

FamilySearch - Legacy will not display nor transfer non-English month names - FIXED

FamilySearch - Problem with embedded formatting codes in Given Names - FIXED

FamilySearch - Quarter dates are triggering potential problems in the Family Search interface - FIXED

FamilySearch - Unable to transfer sources from Legacy to FamilySearch - "There was an error with this source desc." - FIXED

File Maintenance - Check-Repair needs to repair Hints .hdb file - ADDED

File Properties - Customer Number label is abbreviated - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Exporting to vital events with the option to export shared events as regular events results in error 3265 - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Privacy options not working right - FIXED

Gedcom Export - Private Marriage Events are being exported in gedcoms - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Gedcom Import does not correctly import Burial locations - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Import of FTM events with mapping is not recognized - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Legacy does not automatically sort the children in FTM gedcom imports - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Legacy is interpreting names in Geni created gedcoms incorrectly - FIXED

Gedcom Import - Two options needed when importing files using the CREM tag - FIXED

Getting Started Wizard - Add startup interview wizard (Dave Berdan) - ADDED

Help File - Discrepancy in field sizes in topics 8-1193 and 8-1101 - FIXED

Help File - File Extensions Help file needs to be updated for Legacy 9 - FIXED

Help File - Missing Description of Ancestor Colour Coding on names - FIXED

Help File - File Extensions Help Topic 9-0212 : 61217 has an outdated entry, is incomplete and has confusing order - FIXED

Help File - Help topic «Affiliate Program» needs update - FIXED

Help File - Information about the Realtime Hint Processing Monitor is missing from the Help File - FIXED

Help File - Remove Passage Express information - FIXED

Help File - Ribbon Bar Help topics need updating for Legacy 9 - FIXED

Help File - Update geneanet.com to geneanet.org - FIXED

Help File - Update location & function of Legacy folders, extensions & files - FIXED

Hints - Floating Hints window crashes Legacy when Individual's Information frame is open - FIXED

Hints - Runtime error 3021 when deselecting Smart matches - FIXED

Hints - FamilySearch hint searches were recently failing - FIXED

Legacy Charting - An error can occur when trying to create a chart - FIXED

Legacy Charting - An invalid date in the Newsfeed will generate an error message - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting does not always honor "include labels of empty fields" option in box items - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Option to use cm as default units of measure - ADDED

Legacy Export - Exporting a subset of tagged individuals to a new Legacy file breaks the parent-child links - FIXED

Legacy Home - Can no longer access the 'See What's New' link on the 'Check for Legacy Update' screen - FIXED

Marriage Information Window - Alt-3 behaves differently than on the Individual's Information Window - FIXED

Marriage List - BRING BACK - Number of marriages in the top bar of the Marriage List - ADDED

Marriage List - When a husband has multiple spouses, the spouses should be listed in alphabetical order in the Marriage List - FIXED

Master Lists - New Option to Master List Options Menu "Remove Name-Only Events"- FIXED

Master Location List - After adding a new location, that location is not displayed in full - FIXED

Master Location List - Combine locations not including Stories locations - FIXED

Master Location List - Missing the ability to easily copy coordinates from one location to another - ADDED

Master Location List - Problems with manually entering Geo Coordinates - FIXED

Media Gallery - BRING BACK - Media Gallery - RIN next to name on top border - ADDED

Media Gallery - The title bar has the person's name but does not include their RIN number - FIXED

Media Relinker - Media Relinker hangs up on a Windows.old file - FIXED

Name/Search List - Edit Tab does not include new Invisible setting - FIXED

Name/Search List - Problems with Potential Problem Indicator and Hints Indicator for selected person - FIXED

(Video) Legacy Family Tree Software | Legacy Family Tree 9 | Legacy Family Tree 9.0 Reviews [2022]

Name/Search List - Add "married names" to Name List and Index Views as an option - ADDED

Name/Search List - Always includes border at top and bottom of page - ADDED

Name/Search List - Inversion of gender for partner - FIXED

Options - Colors - Set Child Colors - If you choose a gradient color scheme it won't appear on any view except the Family View - FIXED

Options - Customize - Option 8.13 Hints is off in Legacy Default settings - FIXED

Options - Customize - Standard Edition Options - Change Colours allows access to Deluxe Edition Features - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports - Events Text NOT wrapping around photos of individuals - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style - Family Group Record - Suggestion for better grouping of Notes in the report - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style - Individual Chart and Family Group Record - Problems when event pictures are included - FIXED

Reports - Chronology Comparison Report - Tab order on "Chronology Comparison" form needs to be fixed - FIXED

Reports - Chronology Report - Add ability to choose more generations for the Chronology View/Report (up to great-grandchildren and great-grandparents) - FIXED

Reports - Chronology Report - Divorce date needs to be added to the Chronology View/Report - FIXED

Reports - Chronology Report - If the checkbox "Spouse's life range information" is not checked, the subordinate checkbox "Death of spouse" remains active and checked - FIXED

Reports - Chronology Report - Private Dates are being included with Chronology Reports - FIXED

Reports - Descendant Book Report - Shows FaG number after person's name as 222222 -, suggest it be FaG#: 222222 - - FIXED

Reports - Descendant Book Report - Overwrite of Pictures in Descendant Book Report after 1st running an Individual Report & then Descendant Book Report - FIXED

Reports - Descendant Chart Report - Error 9 occurs when the option "pack information on one line" is turned off - FIXED

Reports - Descendant Chart Report - German version - space missing after marriage symbol - FIXED

Reports - Interview Report - Interview questions footer needs to change www.myancestorsfound.com to www.familyhistoryexpos.com - FIXED

Reports - Potential Problem Report - Problem with potential problems report when created as .pdf - FIXED

Reports - Relationship Chart Report - Run-time error 20002 "Lead Error: invalid bitmap handle" - FIXED

Reports - Source Citation Report - Option to Include Evidence Analysis will not stay off - FIXED

Search Replace - Using Search and Replace to change SourceWriter Source Names does not work correctly - FIXED

Set Relationships - Spouses of half-aunts are not given relationships for female half relatives - FIXED

Set Relationships - Change the relationship label to reflect who the anchor person is for the Set Relationships - ADDED

SourceWriter - Analyze Source Quality - There is no way to tell if you have filled this in - FIXED

SourceWriter - Analyze Source Quality - Undetermined is missing from the Information section - FIXED

Toolbars - Added a new menu item to the Research Tools main toolbar icon that allows you to go to https://LegacyTree.com for help with research - ADDED

Toolbars - MyHeritage missing as possible My Toolbar icon - FIXED

Toolbars - The Spanish word for "Add" is spelled wrong in the Toolbar - FIXED

Translation - Spanish edition - change "Concubinato" to "Unión Libre" in the marriage bar when a couple is marked as not having married - FIXED

Web Pages - Pedigree Style - The focus person will not have their Find a Grave number displayed - FIXED

21 May 2018 - Version - Build

File Maintenance - The List Cleanup no longer purges locations only used by Stories.

GEDCOM - AFN number, User ID, FamilySearch ID, and Find a Grave ID can now be exported as events to avoid data loss .

GEDCOM - Q Dates with Qn YYYY format can now be imported in Gedcom and also entered in date field and converted to Legacy MMM Q YYYY format.

Help - Updated Help file.

Hints - All of the Option 8.13 Hints Setting can now be saved to User Defaults.

Hints - HELP button and message added to the Realtime Hint Processing Monitor screen.

Hints - Long FamilySearch passwords now work in Option 8.13.

Hints - Random Database Admin Lock events fixed.

Legacy Charting - Users can now change user interface language in Legacy Charting.

Legacy FamilySearch - Choosing the option to add name to FamilySearch will now add and no longer replace the name.

Legacy FamilySearch - Pedigree Navigation in Legacy FamilySearch will now allow access to children if there is no spouse.

Legacy Home - Refresh button on Legacy Home Tab now does the same thing as Options > Check the Internet Now option?

Locations - Fairfield County, SC was formed in 1785 not 1798 fixed in County Verified.

Locations - Fixes to Manual input in Distance and Bearing Calculator.

Locations - Southern Hemisphere locations now converted correctly in Distance and Bearing Calculator.

Master Lists - Location error when accessing story, generating reports, webpages and exporting gedcoms, caused by purging unused locations, fixed.

Master Lists - Manually entering Geo Coordinates on Edit Location form made easier.

Master Lists - Show list for surnames now has options to exclude married names and/or AKA's from the list.

Options - Set other color and style options" now operational.

Reports - An option now implemented to exclude deceased persons for Address Labels Report.

Reports - Ancestor book report now honoring exclude details on living individuals for parents stories.

Reports - Fixed Formatting errors on the Name Index in reports.

Reports - Name Index in Reports no longer gives blank married surname for people with a blank/unknown partner.

Reports - Private Marriage Events are now omitted in Chronology Report.

Reports - Private Master Events no longer cause all following events to be omitted in Chronology Report.

Reports - Sort Order option in Location Report is now working.

Reports - Stories for one spouse now always show up show correctly.

To-Do - Reinstated showing Name of Individual for individual To-Do.

30 March 2018 - Version - Build

Calendar Creator - Baptism/Christening date no longer used as Death Date substitute.

Charting - Added Czech language option for Charting.

Check/Repair - Improved Logging of FindaGrave duplicate removals.

County Verifier - Beltrami County, Minnesota updated.

Distance & Bearing Calculator - Fixes for Southern hemisphere locations.

FamilySearch - % Complete bar now reaches 100% for non-LDS users.

FamilySearch - Can't Reserve or Print Temple Cards.

FamilySearch - Fixes to matching algorithms between Legacy and FamilySearch.

FamilySearch - Problems with sources moved from LFS to Legacy.

FamilySearch - Replace existing name in FamilySearch does not work.

Faroese - Faroese Language version is now listed on website as released.

FindAGrave - FindAGrave links now updated to the new FindaGrave format.

Fonts - Stretch fonts in Note fields improved.

Gedcom Import - New Roots Magic Gedcom now import correctly.

Getting Started Wizard - Default marriage status now Married.

Help - Updated help file.

Individual Information - FamilySearch link now working.

Picture Center - Picture Center Captions added.

2 February 2018 - Version - Build

Data Entry - Dates BC dates with a prefix do not translate into the other languages - FIXED

Data Entry - Dates dates are being changed when you switch the language from English (or any other language) to Norwegian-Nyorsk - FIXED

Data Entry - Names Error in Possible Duplicates screen - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Help topic 9-0121 : 40626 missing close parentheses - FIXED

Documentation - Legacy Website Add downloadable international Help Files to the Legacy webpage - FIXED

Documentation - Legacy Website Undocumented Error Number: "Permission denied (656)" - Part #2 - FIXED

File - File Maintenance File Maintenance Changes Ribbon on completion - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Gedcom Export Default Character set cannot be reset - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Private medical note - a note hint appears in the gedcom file - FIXED

File - Legacy Import Undocumented Error Number: "Permission denied (656)" - FIXED

Hints - Legacy Family Tree Hints has stopped working Message - FIXED

Hints - Missing translation in GR, but not in Beta - FIXED

Hints - Number of Hints reported on Hint Icon different from Number of Hints on Hint Results - FIXED

Internet - Create Web Pages Ancestor Web Pages not working for certain people - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting 9.0 will not open a Charting 8.0 saved chart - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting crashes with wrong language file time stamp - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting does not recognize British Quarter Dates - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting does not recognize cremations - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting hangs when trying to select a chart - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting Suppress details for living people not working - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting Wizard Step 2 of 3 - Select an Individual shows no individuals and a blank grid - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Default Control when opening Individual Selection Window needs to be changed - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Fan Chart: When ordering get message about overlapping boxes. Do you want to fix it - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Let's change the zoom level when the chart is first created - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Line Color default doesn't match the theme's default - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Mary Hill color coding not working as it does in Legacy - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Names of the months and date prepositions are in English even if you are using one of the other languages - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Problem with unlinked pictures - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Refresh Chart - Does not update changes to Individual Pictures - FIXED

Legacy Charting - The primary and secondary causes of death are switched around in the Cause of Death Chart - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - "Reason this information is correct" is missing when you transfer from FamilySearch to Legacy - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Add ability to add a citation to each piece of information being imported using the Guided Startup Wizard route - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Add name into FS not working - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Change default from "Yourself" to "Current Person" when you Import Tree - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Changing the filtering options causes the filtered lists to no longer populate - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Contents of the Contents of the "Reason this information is correct" box sometimes transfers, sometimes is does not - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Dates entered as "between...and..." are changed to "from...to..." when dates are uploaded - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - If FamilySearch is blocking a merge there is no indication of this in LFS - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Incorrect Percentage report when starting LFS with a new file - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Intermittent Access Violation and Invalid Pointer Errors when opening Information windows - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Legend Tab Scrolling issue - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - LFS will not close if two copies of Legacy are running (for beta testers) - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - LFS will not display Custom Event Confirmation from FS Family tree - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - LFS will not use non-English characters in searches - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - List of duplicates in Legacy does not match the list of duplicates on FamilySearch (same with possible matches) - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Ordinal number extension/suffix correction needed - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Pedigree Navigation tool in Legacy FamilySearch not working - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Problem with BC dates - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Problem with divorce and marriage data - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Problem with Sync arrows - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Reads private dates and adds them to FamilySearch - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Source Notes are not showing in 'Upload this source to FamilySearch' screen and can't be uploaded to FS Family Tree - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Standardized Places - Correct Place not found/offered - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Tab count update problems - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - The Changes tab is not displaying the contact persons correctly. In addition, change descriptions are different - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - The Event Details show no "Contributors" or "Change History" info if you click the "i" icon on the Data tab - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - There is a long string of characters displayed for the Family Tree person's marriage information on the Share Data tab - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Transferring children from right to left blanks out the children's names - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Unable to download from FamilySearch into a completely empty database file - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Unable to replace marriage data - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Update Legacy FamilySearch to handle change to FamilySearch API for LDS Ordinance Sync - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - When transferring a source from FamilySearch to Legacy, the source format is incorrect - FIXED

Media - Media Gallery From Picture Gallery, cannot link to a picture on a network drive - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Book Report - The new option "Include Gender for Children" has not been translated to German - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Dutch Descendant and Ancestor books - Generation numbers in the Table of Contents of the books is inconsistent - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports text not wrapping around photos of spouse under block of vitals info - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Family Group Record - Incorrect UID used for spouse for single people - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Family Group Record - Report Options - Option to include Event pictures does not stick - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Hashtag filter for coloring boxes in Chart Reports not working - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Hashtag to select people to color not working. - FIXED

Reports - Chronology Comparison Odd behavior when there are multiple events with the same date - FIXED

Reports - Family Dictionary Marriage Events are not being seen correctly by the FamilySearch interface - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings Report Options - Event Pictures Option does not stick for some reports - FIXED

Reports - Other Error with Statistics Report calculations - FIXED

Reports - Other Statistic Date Calculations wrong - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Calendar Creator - Include Options changes will not stick - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Calendar Report in Pub Centre - Settings revert to Only Living - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Publishing Center not honoring picture sizes - FIXED

Research Guidance Database Add more Sources to Research Guidance - FIXED

Tabs - Descendant View Adding someone in the descendant view causes error 94 invalid use of a Null - FIXED

Tabs - Descendant View Error 6145 in Descendant View for customized columns - FIXED

Tabs - Family View The "Children" label over the Children's List is no longer visible - FIXED

Tabs - Index View Clicking Startup Family in the Index view does not go to the startup family, it goes to the RIN 0 placeholder - FIXED

Tabs - Pedigree View Change Colours - Untranslated Message on Pedigree View - FIXED

Tabs - Pedigree View When you add a new person via the pedigree view it gives error 3021 - FIXED

Tools - Merge "Merge work file record was not found" error message when starting a merge - FIXED

Tools - Merge Add To-Dos to the Merge screen - FIXED

Tools - Merge Field misplaced on Possible Duplicate - FIXED

Tools - Merge If you move an event from right to left during a manual merge the internet media link does not transfer. - FIXED

Tools - Merge Merge - Vital Event Note differences - Edit Notes Option - FIXED

Tools - Merge Merge Notes Not working - FIXED

Tools - Merge Merge Notes Replace Feature not working - FIXED

Tools - Merge Merge Screen Backup Button - Does not work - FIXED

Tools - Merge Problem with General tab not refreshing in Merge - FIXED

User Interface - Toolbars Mytoolbar setting Legacy 9 beta 151 - FIXED

User Interface - Tooltips Translated Tooltip not used - FIXED

View - Split Screen Several media issues when in Split Screen - FIXED

16 September 2017 - Version - Build

GEDCOM Export - Fixed GEDCOM export of shared events as regular events.

Hashtags - Hashtags were being exported even if removed in customize section. Fixed.

Help - updated new help file.

Legacy Charting - Fixed an error about "tblGP" that some users were seeing.

Legacy FamilySearch - Added the Temple tab back into the program. Because of the changes at FamilySearch and how Legacy FamilySearch retrieves ordinances, this tab is now very slow.

Legacy FamilySearch - Cosmetic terminology change request.

Legacy FamilySearch - Every once in a while, LFS will need to compact its' database. A dialog box will appear every 30 times you start LFS.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with matches not found.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with special characters in search and matching feature.

Legacy FamilySearch - Speed issues.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with dates in events.

Legacy FamilySearch - When you download a person from FS, LFS no longer assigns a unspecified source to the person in Legacy.

LegacyCharting - Legacy Charting will now honor privacy brackets in certain fields.

LegacyCharting - Mismatch between Privacy Options on Help & Options - Chart options -View and on Appearance-Privacy Options.

LegacyCharting - Privacy Invisible option is not working to to suppress Invisible people.

LegacyCharting - Private Dates converted to BC and not suppressed. Fixed.

Possible Duplicates - Fixed Possible Duplicates error when person had more than two spouses.

QuickBookmarks - Now refresh QuickBookmark names after edits.

Reports - Add new option to only include blood relatives on the Relationship Report.

Reports - Message now shown if no relationship set while trying to produce a Relationship Report.

Reports - On Descendant chart no line is output for an unknown spouse if the "Just leave it blank" option is set.

Research Guidance - 56 New or Updated sources.

13 June 2017 - Version - Build

Legacy FamilySearch - LDS Ordinance features are all working now with the new ordnance API.

9 June 2017 - Version - Build

GEDCOM - Fixed exporting shared event as regular events in GEDCOMs.

Legacy FamilySearch - The temple tab will re-direct the user to the FS website.

Legacy FamilySearch - Updated for the new ordnance API.

Reports - Fixed Bingo report loop.

Research Guidance - 70 New or Updated sources.

23 May 2017 - Version - Build

Fonts - Fixed screen and data font change errors.

Research Guidance - Added or updated: Over 219 sources.

18 May 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Restoring a Legacy 9 backup that includes an .hdb file end up with two .hdb files. Fixed.

Check/Repair - Added a check for duplication of Find A Grave ID's. If there are duplicates (caused by a bug in Gedcom Import) they will be removed and user will need to add the ID back to the correct individual.

Dates - Dates entered as from - to converted to uppercase. Fixed.

Dates - If you use From/to in a date, the From will be uppercase in reports when it should be lowercase. Fixed.

Dates - The date combo From... to... does not appear in reports correctly. Fixed.

Hints - Added a new option to turn off hints for living individuals.

Family View - Siblings list for Wife show both siblings and children. Fixed.

Gedcom - Added an option to export burial information marked as cremation as a Cremation event.

Gedcom - Fixed duplication of Find A Grave numbers when importing a GEDCOM file.

2 May 2017 - Version - Build

Error - Fixed the "Permission Denied" error that some were reproting.

27 April 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Restore Backup was incorrectly requiring an internet connection.

Deluxe Only - Updated information on Deluxe Only screen.

Picture Center - Field labels for Caption field were missing.

Tags - Tag contents not shown in Family View on start up.

Update - "See What's New" link wsa pointing to the wrong page.

22 April 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Doing a Backup from the Getting Started interview was not recongizing the selected backup folder. Fixed.

Check/Repair - Added some new checks.

Hinting - Hinting is now available in the Free Standard Edition. We want everyone to be able to use it.

Hinting - Made a few Hinting improvements.

Research Guidance 203 New or Updated Sources.

Research Guidance Added or updated: Over 203 sources.

(Video) Legacy9 Free - Performing Basic Tasks

18 April 2017 - Version - Build

Legacy Export/Import - Shared Events were not exporting correctly

17 April 2017 - Version - Build

New Version 9.0 Released - The beginning of a new Legacy!

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Is there a free version of Legacy Family Tree? ›

Legacy is available in two editions to accommodate your genealogy needs: Download Legacy 9.0 Standard Edition (free) Download Legacy 9.0 Deluxe Edition. Legacy 9.0 Deluxe (from $34.95)

Is there an app for Legacy Family Tree? ›

Families Mobile App for Legacy

Got an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or an Android device? With the brand new Families application from TelGen Limited you can now easily transfer your Legacy Family Tree files from your PC to your mobile device, enabling them to be viewed and edited wherever you are.

Is Legacy Family Tree compatible with ancestry? ›

Does it sync with ancestry? Yes, it does, and it is easy to sync. Head over to ancestry.com, go to Trees, Create & Manage Trees, Manage Trees, Export Tree. This created a GEDCOM file that can be imported into Legacy Family Tree 9.

Will there be a Legacy Family Tree version 10? ›

Version 10 will include the optional capability to sync family trees to the MyHeritage website and allow users to make updates to their family trees on the Legacy software using the MyHeritage mobile app.

Which is better legacy or RootsMagic? ›

If you compare Legacy Family Tree vs. RootsMagic, the latter wins for supporting both Windows and Mac systems. However, Legacy offers more features in the Standard version than RootsMagic's free edition, and a Mac version is in the works now, too.

How much does legacy 9 cost? ›

Only $14.95! Hinting - Legacy 9 searches through billions of records from key websites - FindMyPast, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank, and MyHeritage. Stories - Preserve the stories of your ancestors or your own. The new Stories tool lets you record, organize and print multiple stories for any of your ancestors.


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