Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (2022)

1.The Sentence


Tickthe group of words that are sentences and cross out the ones which are not.

1. Swimming is a good exercise. - Yes

2. Mylapore Chennai is in. - No

3. Plastic cups. - No

4. Grace is seventeen year old. - Yes

5. Into the tub. - No

6. Is it a sword? - Yes

7. Wet and green lawn. - No

8. Far away from Neelima’s house. - No

9. Light paperweight! - No

10. One of Sankuram’s parrots is dead. - Yes


Orderthe parts to make sentences. Add correct punctuation.

1.(a) will go to Russia in December (b) our football coach

Our football coach will go to Russia inDecember.

2.(a) the TV (b) who (c) turned off

Who turned off the TV?

3.(a) the girl (b) is Amisha (c) riding the yellow bicycle

The girl riding the yellow bicycle is Amisha.

4.(a) the crystal vase (b) who bought (c) on the self

Who brought the crystal vase on the shelf?

5.(a) to fix the fan (b) tomorrow (c) in the bedroom (d) call the electrician

Call the electrician tomorrow to fix the fanin the bedroom.

6.(a) this statue (b) four hundred years old (c) of a dancing woman (d) is

This statue of a dancing woman is four hundredyears old.

7.(a) is (b) how marvelous (c) the new sea-bridge

How marvellous the new sea-bridge is!

8.(a) could you (b) from the bookstore (c) get me (d) a school atlas (e) on PatelRoad

Could you get me a school atlas from thebookstore on Patel Road?

9.(a) the name (b) pet parrot (c) of your (d) what is

What is the name of your pet parrot?

10.(a) below 12 (b) in the magic show (c) children (d) not allowed (e) are

Children below 12 are not allowed in the magicshow.


Indicatewith tick marks in the table below what type each of the following sentencesis. Then add correct end punctuation mark to the sentences. One is done foryou.

1.How many times have you travelled by sea?


2.I was on a ship in 1989.


3.What a great experience it was!


4.Please put away these cartons.


5.Bring your crafts workbook tomorrow.


6.Where is Murshidabad located?


7.Sending an email is easier than writing a letter.


8.Who is the first woman to fly an aeroplane?


9.How cruel it is to make little children work in factories!


10.A kingfisher lays up to ten eggs at a time.



Writeinterrogative sentences which would be answered by the given statements.

1.I will pack my bag after breakfast.

When will you pack your bag?

2.It is one kilometer wide.

How wide is it?

3.Prometheus brought fire to the earth from heaven.

Who brought fire to the earth from heaven?

4.I cannot close this window because its frame has bent.

Why can’t you close this window?

5.Angshuman Ram is a golfer.

Who is Angshuman Ram?

6.This mobile phone is my mother’s.

Whose mobile phone is this?

7.There are thirteen birds in the picture.

How many birds are there in the picture?

8.I went to watch a movie last evening.

Where did you go last evening?/What did you dolast evening?

9.Rafiq’s house is in Manohar Nagar.

Where is Rafiq’s house?

10.This train will reach Dehradun at 4 o’clock in the morning.

When will this train reach Dehradun?


Writeimperative sentences that can be used in each of the following situation.

1.Request Shoaib to turn off the lights in the bedroom.

Shoaib, please turn off the lights in thebedroom.

2.A warning on an electric iron that one should not touch it with wet hands.

Don’t touch with wet hands!

3.A website asking you to enter a password to log in.

Please enter your password to log in.

4.A coach shouting to his student during a running competition.

Run fast!

5.Instruction to stick a photograph on an application form.

Paste your photograph here.

6.Sign at a public place asking people to throw litter in the dustbin.

Please throw litter in the dustbin.

7.An emergency helpline number and the accompanying message.

In case of emergency call 101!

8.A line from a recipe note on adding ginger.

Add ginger.


Rewritethe following statements as exclamations.

1.The tadpoles are tiny.

How tiny the tadpoles are!

2.It is very silly to paint an ice cube.

How silly painting an ice cube is!

3.The Grand Canyon in America is an amazing sight.

What an amazing sight the Grand Canyon inAmerica is!

4.Kuldeep Basu is a wonderful fielder.

What a wonderful fielder Kuldeep Basu is!

5.The socks Rohini knits are very fluffy.

How fluffy the socks Rohini knits are!

6.It is dangerous to play with firecrackers.

How dangerous playing with firecrackers is!

7.The rotten meat is very smelly.

How smelly the rotten meat is!

8.Rina Naidu is a talented chess player.

What a talented chess player Rina Naidu is!

2.Subject and Predicate


Circlethe subjects and underline the predicates in the following sentences.

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (1)

1. Afsal has bought a wall-mounting bookshelf.

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (2)

2. The wax polish looks like ice cream.

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (3)

3. Did you leave the back door open?

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (4)

4. Baking a cake is not as easy as eating it.

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (5)

5. Kalyan, Namrata and Madhu have decided tolearn yoga.

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (6)

6. I found a dead rat inside the wardrobe.

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (7)

7. Are all Samuel’s brothers sailors?

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (8)

8. The trainer is running around the playground.

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (9)

9. Have you submitted the application form?

10. Don’t open that box.

Everyday English Grammar Class 6 Solution (10)

11. Will you bring that bouquet to the lecture hall?

12. Stop the players from leaving the ground.

3. Questions

Exercise 1

Rewritethe following statements as questions:

1.Bamboo is a type of grass.

Is bamboo a type of grass?

2.Sania is watering the plants.

Is Sania watering theplants?

3.Fernandes was the captain of a ship.

Was Fernandes the captainof a ship?

4.I eat three bananas every morning.

Do you eat three bananasevery morning?

5.Zareena will come home tomorrow.

Will Zareena come hometomorrow?

6.Some fish can stay out of water for a long time.

Can some fish stay out ofwater for a long time?

7.They should call us before delivering the packet.

Should they call us beforedelivering the packet?

8.It would be better to go to the city in the morning.

Would it be better to goto the city in the morning?

9.You can enter the house through the back door.

Can you enter the housethrough the backdoor?

10.Viru could save Jane from drowning in the lake.

Could Viru save Jane fromdrowning in the lake?

11.Dileep, Farhan and Ameya practise for an hour in the evening.

Do Dileep, Farhan andAmeya practise for an hour in the evening?

12.I look like Hrithik Roshan.

Do I look like HrithikRoshan?

13.Reshma disliked chapatti when she was a kid.

Did Reshma dislikechapatti when she was a kid?

14.Jacqueline dreamt that she had become a movie star.

Did Jacqueline dream thatshe had become a movie star?

15.You created a fuss about the leaking tap yesterday.

Did you create a fussabout the leaking tap yesterday?

16.Anamika, Celine and Ratish built a kennel for Snorie.

Did Anamika, Celine andRatish build a kennel for Snorie?


1. Minnie runs very fast, doesn’tshe?

2. We’re late, aren’t we?

3. Lizy can swim across the river,can’t she?

4. The rain has stopped, hasn’tit?

5. You can’t climb a tree, can you?

Exercise3 Write the question words missing from the following questions by looking attheir answers.

Q: ________ does Mrinalini’s uncle stay?

A: He stays in the city.


Q: ________ opened the door last night when you cameback?

A: It was uncle Prasad.

2. Who

Q: ________ should I eat this tablet?

A: Eat it after dinner.

3. When

Q: ________ can I see this film in 3D?

A: You can see it in 3D by wearing these glasses.

4. How

Q: ________ do wet clothes dry slower during themonsoon?

A: Because during rains there is a lot of moisture inthe air.

5. Why

Q: ________ is a baby kangaroo called?

A: It’s called a ‘joey’.

6. What

Q: ________ toothbrush is yours?

A: The blue one.

7. Which

Q: ________ salwar-kameez is the wearing?

A: Her sister’s.


Q: ________ did the principal invite for the buildinginauguration?

A: He invited the actor Mahesh Kumar.

9. Whom

Q: ________ are you looking happy today?

A: Because my father will take me to museum in theevening.

10. Why

Exercise 4

Write wh-questions to get the following answers.

1. We have day and night because the earth rotates onits axis.

Why do we have day andnight?

2. Srinivasa Ramanujan was born in Erode, Tamil Nadu.

Where was SrinivasaRamanujan born?

3. A cartographer is a person who makes maps.

Who is a cartographer?

4. The third switch from the left is the one for thefan.

Which is the switch forthe fan?

5. Uma’s brother’s name is Sumesh.

What is the name of Uma’sbrother?

6. Boil water, add tea leaves, sugar and milk. Yourtea is ready.

How can I make tea?

7. The man behind the tree is Vikram the detective.

Who is that man behind thetree?

8. I saw Vikram the detective behind the tree.

Where did you seedetective Vikram?

9. Vikram was carrying a magnifying glass.

What was Vikram carrying?

10. Vikram is running because a dog is chasing him.

Why is Vikram running?

Exercise 5

Indicate what type each of the following questions areby ticking the correct box in the table below.

1. Ashwapuri is not far, is it?

tag question

2. Did you get greeting card yesterday?

simpleyes-no question

3. What time will the plane take off?


4. You have an extra pen with you?

declarative question

5. Isn’t that a wonderful painting?

exclamatory question

6. A wonderful what?

echo question

7. Where are these peasants going?


8. You did not drop that box from the balcony, didyou?

tag question

9. He is a manager, huh?

declarative question

10. Why can’t we see the sun at night?

rhetorical question

4. Nouns

Exercise 1

Identify the proper nouns and rewrite them with propercapitalization.

Ramu, Denmark, Thursday,Easter, Preeti, Air India, Shanghai, Ratan, Jacob, Discovery Channel

Exercise 2

Match the proper nouns in column A with correct commonnouns in column B.

Prem, Azhar, Binay – boy

Colgate, Close-up, Pepsodent –toothpaste

Yamuna, Amazon, Tapti – river

Barack Obama, Sonia Gandhi,Vladimir Putin – leader

Nagpur, Kolkata, Gurgaon – city

Cartoon Network, Pogo, NationalGeographic – channel

Hyundai, Maruti, Toyota – car

Diwali, Onam, Id – festival

Exercise 3

Mark the countable nouns as ‘C’ and uncountable nounsas ‘U’.

Countablenouns ‘C’ : computer, basket, bag, coconut, ship, idea, colour

Uncountablenouns ‘U’ : grass, luggage, sand, juice, sugar,knowledge, water, milk

Exercise 4

Mark the concrete nouns as ‘C’ and abstract nouns as‘A’.

Concretenouns ‘C’ : fan, clock, letter, leaf, tyre, book

Abstractnouns ‘A’ : cleverness, intelligence, enmity, time,knowledge, love

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