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1 ANSWER KEY (Grade 5 to 10) Grade 5 (page 2 to 12) Grade 6 (page 13 to 26) Grade 7 (page 27 to 43) Grade 8 (page 44 to 63) Grade 9 (page 64 to 88) Grade 10 (page 64 to 88) MAXIM of English Grammar and Composition Revised and Enlarged Edition Note: This answer key includes only the answers of grammar chapters, mainly Test Yourself sections of each chapter. Some answers given in this key book may have other possible alternatives. Readmore Grade 5 SENTENCE Grammar Practice (Page 7) a. All the people knew that she never lied. b. He decided to cause her to tell a lie. c. He ordered his subjects to bring her to the palace. d. Akhilya came to the palace. e. The king held his horse by the mane. f. Akhilya bowed down and went to the queen. g. Tomorrow we will laugh on her behalf. h. What did he tell you? i. But the queen told him about the words of Akhilya. j. The king realized that the wise people never lie. Grammar Practice (Page 7) a. Her sister is an intelligent girl. b. Kabir can play the guitar. c. What a beautiful picture it is! d. Nisha likes red dresses. e. Do you like watching movies? f. Anita will go to Pokhara next week. g. The dog is barking in the street. h. The boys are playing football. i. An old man is sitting on the bench. j. Do not play on the road. k. Give me a glass of water. l. The boy hit the dog with a stick. m. What time do you get up in the morning? n. She reads a story book every Saturday. Grammar Practice (Page 9) a. interrogative b. imperative c. exclamatory d. interrogative e. imperative f. exclamatory g. interrogative h. imperative i. imperative j. exclamatory k. interrogative l. interrogative m. imperative n. imperative o. interrogative p. interrogative q. interrogative r. interrogative s. interrogative t. exclamatory u. interrogative v. imperative w. assertive x. imperative y. interrogative z. exclamatory Grammar Practice (Page 9) a. He is an inspector. b. Give me your pen. c. Don t open the window. d. Can I use your camera? e. Whose book is this? f. What a beautiful picture! Grammar Practice (Page 10) a. How old are you? b. There are more apples in the refrigerator. c. Why was he weeping? d. The doctor told me to take these vitamins. e. Haven t you solved the puzzle yet? f. Anil, hand me your drawing. g. Send her a nice gift. h. Please let me see that picture. i. Tell me all about it. j. Give me time to read all the questions. k. Do not go out. l. Wow, that s an exciting prize! m. Where do you live? n. What a thrill it would be to win a lottery! o. Please help me write a poem. p. What a beautiful picture! q. Can I use your camera? r. Close the door. s. Are you not feeling well? t. Did she write a letter? Test Yourself 1 (Page 10) a. born b. state c. cricket d. best e. started Test Yourself 2 (Page 10) a. born b. largest c. player d. batsman e. early 1 2

2 Test Yourself 3 (Page 11) a. speak b. lose c. brave d. morning e. brush f. room g. walk h. exercise i. pluck j. drink k. keep l. classes m. homework n. tease Test Yourself 4 (Page 11) a. start b. visited c. say d. song e. draw f. going g. coming h. write i. white j. early k. class l. new m. give n. where o. drive p. like Test Yourself 5 (Page 12) a. What b. How c. How d. What e. How f. How g. What h. What i. How j. What k. What l. How m. What n. How o. What p. What q. How r. How s. What t. How u. What v. What w. how x. What y. What z. How Test Yourself 6 (Page 12) A. Is it yours? A. How much did you pay? B. Do you like it? B. I m going to the park. B. Is it yours? B. Where is Tina? A. Do you know Nirya? B. I m from Butwal. A. She is my classmate. NOUNS Grammar Practice (Page 23) a. thing b. capital c. picture d. pen e. house f. puppies g. boy h. restaurants i. schools j. trunk k. bicycles l. country Grammar Practice (Page 24) a.. of bread (loaf, bag) a.. of cheese (pound, bar) a.. of grapes (piece, bunch) a.. of toothpaste (tube, quart) a.. of onions (roll, bag) a.. of lettuce (head, bar) a.. of oil (bottle, lump) a.. of cereal (box, piece) a.. of juice (quart, loaf) a.. of cake (piece, litre) a.. of toilet paper (roll, bag) a.. of soap (bar, litre) a.. of toast (slice, litre) a.. of cake (slice, quart) a.. of bread (piece, quart) a.. of sugar (lump, speck) a.. of salt (pinch, speck) a.. of luck (spot, litre) a.. of watermelon (slice, litre) a.. of chalk (piece, quart) a.. of water (glass, piece) a.. of tea (cup, bottle) Grammar Practice (Page 25) a. bags b. log c. slice d. tube e. cup f. cheese g. oil h. bunch i. glass j. spot k. glasses Grammar Practice (Page 26) a. many books b. few boys c. a few puppies d. a great deal of money e. a great amount of water f. some children g. most countries h. more boys i. all the students j. many cows k. both boys l. several dogs m. a few teachers n. one of the students o. a couple of days p. a great number of students q. each book r. every student Grammar Practice (Page 26) a. some b. pencils c. flowers d. grass e. slices f. tube g. children h. sugar i. milk j. boys k. houses l. books m. much Speaking Practice (Page 28) bread, cabbage, toothpaste, chalk, cake, switches, watches, potatoes, leaves, teeth, nurse, doctor, teacher, farmer, player, bees, birds, fish, flowers, sheep. Test Yourself 1 (Page 28) a. pencils b. bowls c. place d. villages e. leaves f. eggs g. policemen h. bottle i. boys j. books k. dog Test Yourself 2 (Page 28) a. pieces b. books c. computer d. pieces e. sisters f. windows g. children h. posters i. pen j. beings k. pencils l. hours Test Yourself 3 (Page 28) a. letters b. money c. lamps d. mice e. friends f. bowl g. stamp h. ducks i. children j. presents k. books Test Yourself 4 (Page 29) a. many b. a few c. all d. every e. day f. chair g. much h. much i. car j. boys k. many Test Yourself 5 (Page 29) First paragraph: some, all, other, every, each. Second paragraph: no, both, all, every, each, each, tooth. ARTICLE Grammar Practice (Page 32) a boy an intelligent boy a very intelligent boy an inspector an Indian inspector a very good inspector a doctor an Indian an honest doctor a doll a beautiful doll an expensive doll a jacket an expensive jacket a leather jacket a watch a Chinese watch an expensive Chinese watch an octopus a small octopus a very small octopus a girl an intelligent girl a good girl a story an old story an interesting story a radio a small radio a Chinese radio Grammar Practice (Page 33) He had an accident. He had a very bad accident. I have a big house. I have got an important question. He lives in a small village. His father is a police officer. 3 4

3 I bought a big hat. This is an animal. I saw a European last week. Have you seen a US ship? Lila is an old friend. She has got a nice coat. He has got a paper bag. This is a horse. She is an intelligent girl. The Ritz is an expensive hotel. She is an engineer. I have a book. I bought a cheap umbrella. This is a dangerous animal. I talked to her for half an hour. The Nile is an African river. My sister lives in a big flat. She is a dentist. He is an actor. This is an open window. She is looking for a new job. This is a used napkin. She is a housewife. I have an old book. Test Yourself 1 (Page 35) a. An, a b. a, a c. a d. A, a e. An f. An, an g. A, a h. A, a i. A, a j. A, a k. An,a l. A m. A, a n. A o. An, a p. A, a q. x, x r. A, a Test Yourself 2 (Page 35) a. a b. a c. a d. the e. a f. the g. a h. the i. the j. an k. The, the l. a m. an n. the o. x p. x q. the r. a Test Yourself 3 (Page 36) a. An, a b. An, x c. a d. A e. an, a f. An g. a h. An, a i. a j. a k. a l. a, a m. a n. an, a o. an, an p. an Test Yourself 4 (Page 36) a. A, the b. The, a c. an, a d. x, x e. a f. a, an g. the h. x i. A, the j. a k. a l. x m. a n. the, a o. x, the p. a, the q. the r. a, the Test Yourself 5 (Page 37) Porcupine is a small animal. It is a beautiful animal. It is a true herbivorous animal. It is an endangered animal. It has a small head. Its body has quills. It eats soft roots, shoots and fruits. It likes to hide in tall grasses. A baboon is a large monkey. It lives in woodlands, grasslands, and rocky hills. It sleeps in trees and on cliffs. It looks like a dog. It eats many different plants and animals. It lives and travels in a large group. A female baboon gives birth to a single young. An infant baboon stays with its mother. Test Yourself 6 (Page 38) First paragraph: a, a, a, a, a, the, a, a, a, a, an, a, the, the, the. Second paragraph: a, a, an, a, the, the, x, the, x. An antelope is a plant-eating animal. It is a mammal. It is a beautiful animal. It is a herbivorous animal. It has horns. The largest and tallest antelope is the African giant eland. The smallest is the African royal. It eats plants and grass. A doe is a female antelope. Vocabulary Practice (Page 39/40) A. First Row: fairy, vampire, giant, witch Second Row: princess, prince, elf, queen Third Row: king, pirate, monster, dwarf B. 1. headphones 2. a cup 3. a keyboard 4. thunder 5. a dog 6. a cat 7. a good dictionary C. 1. fixes broken pipes 2. fixes your light switches and sockets 3. helps people to learn 4. sells meat 5. works in the army 6. sells flowers 7. sells fruit and vegetables 8. sells bread and cakes 9. sells glasses 10. works on a boat 11. helps people with their teeth 12. cuts people s hair D. 1. aunt 2. father 3. daughter 4. niece 5. cows 6. policeman 7. sister 8. wife 9. grandfather 10. king 11. bride PRONOUNS Grammar Practice (Page 46) a. Why are you so angry? b. Can you write your name here? c. She gave me two dolls. d. We do homework ourselves. e. She has lost her diary. f. They love cooking and they do it everyday. g. This is my dog. It is black. h. Can you do your work yourself? i. Miss Rai is a teacher. She teaches us English. j. I m eight years old. I study in Grade V. k. Where do you come from? l. Atul takes care of his brother. m. He will teach us Science. Grammar Practice (Page 47) a. her b. herself c. his d. me e. mine f. yourself g. mine h. her i. my j. us k. me l. my Grammar Practice (Page 48) a. Ali and Anu are my friends. They study in Grade V. b. Mina went to the park but it was closed. c. Mohan bought a new cap last week. He wore it yesterday. d. Bina has lost her pen. She had kept her pen on the table. e. The dogs were sleeping in the garden but I did not see them. f. I looked for these books in the library. They were not there. g. Suman sent his sister to the market. She bought a paper for him. h. The old man opened the box with a key. It was empty. Writing Practice (Page 49) 1. Gita was sick. 2. Her dog was black. 3. Anita and Binod liked it. 4. Hari studies in Grade V. 5. Riya does her work herself. 6. The painting was beautiful. 7. The factory is very big. 8. Suman was very happy. 9. The Principal was in the office. 10. Anu got a pen. Test Yourself 1 (Page 50) a. They b. He c. her d. him e. them f. They g. they h. yours i. It j. them k. your l. her m. it n. my o. I p. He Test Yourself 2 (Page 51) a. us b. Her c. He d. She e. his f. he g. her h. them i. she j. she k. us l. These m. themselves n. my o. her p. your q. you r. yourself s. herself t. themselves 5 6

4 Test Yourself 3 (Page 52) A. a. Mr Awale b. Mr Awale c. Deepa s aunt B. b. Deepa s diary c. Deepa s aunt C. a. He b. him c. her d. him e. Her f. her Vocabulary Practice (Page 53) They re 2. their 3. there 4. they re 5. their 6. they 7. There 8. their 9. They re 10. There 11. There re 12. There 13. Their 14. There 15. They re 16. There 2. a. There are b. There aren t c. There is d. There was e. There are f. There is g. There is h. are there i. are there j. There is k. There is l. There are m. There are ADJECTIVES Grammar Practice (Page 59) a. I have a silk dress. material b. She is wearing leather shoes. material c. Is that a Chinese radio? origin d. The painting is very beautiful. quality e. Marco Polo was an Italian explorer. origin f. My father is very tall. quality/size g. His new friend is very friendly. quality h. She was wearing a red dress. colour i. What a dangerous snake! quality j. Can I see your golden ring? possessive/material k. They live in a tall building. size/quality l. He has got straight hair. quality m. She has got an oval face. shape n. Can I see this photograph? demonstrative o. His uncle is honest and hard working. quality p. This is a plastic glass. material q. Nabin is an honest person. quality r. I saw an old woman in the street. quality s. Give me your pen. possessive t. There are six members in his family. quantity/possessive u. Several students were there in the park. quantity v. Give me the second one. quantity/number Vocabulary Practice (Page 60) Possible answers: a. angry alligators n. noisy nightingales b. black/brown bulls o. old/obedient ostriches c. crafty/calm/crazy crocodiles p. playful parrots d. dancing/deer q. quick/quiet quails e. energetic elephants r. rough rats f. fierce/fat/furious foxes s. small/stinky/sleepy snakes g. gentle goats t. ten/thirsty/tigers h. hairy/hungry horses u. ugly umbrella birds i. interesting insects v. vigilant vultures j. jawless/jealous/jerky jackals w. wailing/wandering whales k. kind/keen kangaroos x....x l. lazy/loyal lions y. yawning/young yaks m. messy/mean/monkeys z. zigzag zebras Vocabulary Practice (Page 62) a. The sun (hot, cold) It (sun, sunny) The earth needs the.... (rain, rainy) The weather is great today. It's nice and.... (shine, shinning) b. The wind (blow, blowing) It will be....tomorrow. (wind, windy) The strong....will come from the south. (wind, windy) c. It will....tomorrow. (rain, rainy) The weather will week. (cloud, cloudy) The....will come from the north. (rain, raining) The temperature will be very.....(cold, cloudy) I hope it won't be....tomorrow. (sun, sunny) Look at that.... (cloud, cloudy) It is very.... today. (hot, heat) It will be....tomorrow. (cloud, cloudy) It will probably be..for the whole day tomorrow. (sunny, sun) DEGREES OF ADJECTIVES Test Yourself 1 (Page 68) a. fatter b. tall c. longer d. crunchiest e. largest f. rudest g. more attractive h. most interesting i. safer j. busiest k. most popular l. bigger m. fattest n. more thoughtful o. more careful p. thinnest Test Yourself 2 (Page 68) a. dirtiest b. prettier c. quieter d. most intelligent e. hottest f. most delicious g. bigger h. worst i. big j. funniest k. cleverer l. worse m. most beautiful n. heaver o. more beautiful p. more generous q. most intelligent r. narrowest s. angrier t. Biggest Test Yourself 3 (Page 69) a. tallest b. best c. more expensive d. softer e. bigger f. worse g. funniest h. creamiest i. most beautiful j. biggest k. smaller Test Yourself 4 (Page 70) hottest, longest, earliest, latest, coldest, shortest, wettest, most beautiful Vocabulary Practice (Page 71/72) a. carefully b. neatly c. carefully d. deliciously e. honestly f. carefully g. correctly h. immediately i. exactly j. quickly k. silently l. neatly m. beautifully n. carefully o. neatly p. happily q. hurriedly r. correctly s. angrily t. brightly u. slowly v. beautifully Vocabulary Practice (Page 73) 1. much 2. many 3. much 4. many 5. many 6. Many 7 8

5 7. many 8. many 9. many 10. many 11. many 12. many 13. much 14. much 15. much 16. much 17. many 18. much 19. many 20. many 21. many 22. much 23. much 24. much 25. many 26. many 27. much 28. many 29. many 30. many Vocabulary Practice (Page 74) a. too b. enough c. enough d. enough e. too f. too g. too h. enough i. enough j. enough k. too l. too m. too n. too o. enough p. enough q. enough r. enough s. enough t. too u. too v. too w. enough x. too AFFIRMATIVE, NEGATIVE, INTERROGATIVE Test Yourself 1 (Page 82) a. She cannot run fast. b. He did not buy a book. c. I am not working on computer. d. Hem will not drive a car. e. He has bought some books. f. Is she cooking mutton? g. The teacher is not yelling at the boys. h. We are going to the park. i. She has eaten an apple. j. We can ride a bicycle. k. I have got a computer. l. He did not tell me a funny joke. m. Hem wrote some letters. n. Will they come to school tomorrow? o. His mother was not in the park. p. I am not writing a poem. Test Yourself 2 (Page 82) a. I am not taking leave today. b. Mina was not drinking juice. c. There are some computers. d. My father is not a doctor. e. He did not sing beautifully. f. My friend does not like to do things by herself. g. Is Riya coming in the evening? h. I have not got any funny pictures. i. She has not been cleaning the room. j. She has not got a spare copy. k. Did she make any mistakes? l. Bibek is going to school. m. Children speak English. n. David did not break his pencil. o. The cat is not behind the dog. p. The dog will not jump over the table. q. He did not get any letters today. r. We will not play the musical instruments. s. You made a mistake. t. There are not any letters for you. Test Yourself 3 (Page 83) a. The students are not running in the field. b. The swimming pool is not dirty. c. Did the teacher call him in? d. These sums are not hard. e. They are not cooking food. f. He reads some books. g. He does not eat rice everyday. h. They are earning some money. i. Has he done his homework? j. Riya did not lose her pen. k. They do not like each other. l. Can she eat a mango? m. Is the hammer broken? n. The hunter will not shoot the tiger. o. Does the nurse work here? p. He has not visited London. q. The old man does not look healthy. r. Will they come here? s. They will sing a song. Test Yourself 4 (Page 83) a. We did not take part in the competition. b. I cannot speak four languages. c. Does she write an interesting story? d. They did not play football yesterday. e. Will she leave next week? f. We will not go there the next day. g. Suresh s work was not very dirty. h. Did the ball bounce into the well? i. The boy was not naughty. j. Can she speak English well? k. They are not working in the field. l. She can eat a mango. m. Do they live in the suburbs? n. Those vegetables are not rotten. o. We are not going to picnic. p. The Principal did not say so. q. He eats some food. r. These problems are not difficult. s. They did not go jogging this morning. Test Yourself 5 (Page 84) Sachin does not play table tennis. He plays cricket. David does not drive a bus. He flies a plane. Test Yourself 6 (Page 85) The cat is black. It isn t white. It is playing with string. It isn t playing with a ball. It isn t very big. It is small. It has not got a doll. It has got a ball of string. The dog is white. It isn t black. It is playing. It isn t sleeping. It hasn t got a doll. It has got a ball and a bat. It hasn t got a plate. It hasn t got a helmet. TENSE Grammar Practice (Page 89) a. reads b. flies c. pushes d. opens e. speaks f. dances g. teaches h. closes i. goes j. studies k. plays l. writes m. wears n. sings o. sleeps p. hoots q. barks r. washes s. watches t. pays u. passes v. tries w. fries x. comes y. dies z. draws Grammar Practice (Page 90) a. smell b. visits c. washes d. looks e. works f. runs g. respect h. keeps i. writes j. cooks k. kicks l. plays m. wants n. looks o. waters Grammar Practice (Page 92) takes, does, walks, catches, meets, starts, stay, goes, visits. Grammar Practice (Page 93) a. am feeling b. is singing c. is listening d. are sleeping e. am going f. is speaking g. is sleeping h. is working i. is drawing j. are dragging k. is examining l. is feeding m. is hiding n. is hopping o. is riding Grammar Practice (Page 96) 1. went 2. flew 3. played 4. left 5. did not buy 6. ate 7. wrote 8. waited 9. went 10. cooked 11. collided 12. fell 13. kicked 14. met 15. was 16. was 17. was 18. went 19. did not call 20. saw 21. did not wash 22. travelled 23. sat 24. waited 25. talked Grammar Practice (Page 97) a. woke up b. went c. had d. ate e. went f. visited g. watched h. met i. ate j. drank k. went l. read Grammar Practice (Page 99) a. have bought b. have visited c. have travelled d. has sold e. has walked f. have learnt g. have cured h. has not finished i. has talked j. have seen k. have visited l. has failed m. have arrived n. has lived o. has written p. have lost q. have been r. has visited s. has played t. has repaired u. have watched 9 10

6 Grammar Practice (Page 101) 1. was writing 2. was reading 3. was looking 4. was writing 5. were watching 6. was washing 7. were reading 8. was dancing 9. was reading 10. was raining 11. was cooking 12. was cooking 13. was listening 14. was running 15. were going 16. were talking 17. were preparing 18. was visiting 19. were playing 20. were eating 21. were fighting 22. were sitting 23. was dancing 24. were studying 25. were having 26. was sending 27. was eating 28. were watching 29. was making 30. were discussing 31. was dancing 32. was skipping Test Yourself 1 (Page 104) a. have, heard b. will write c. will visit d. am doing e. is climbing f. have discovered g. were dancing h. comes i. was cooking j. went k. will come l. have, seen m. was watching n. have, finished o. will understand p. will stay Test Yourself 2 (Page 104) a. will watch b. will call c. will cook d. bought e. will win f. have, gone g. gave h. have eaten i. are listening j. have answered k. sent l. caught m. goes n. do not work Test Yourself 3 (Page 106) a. I will buy a newspaper. b. She will be cleaning her room. c. They will have played football. d. He went to school. e. She will have been writing a poem. f. His father worked in a factory. g. He will ask me a question. h. She is sleeping under the tree. i. I have collected stamps. j. He wanted to read comics. k. They helped their parents. l. They had opened the windows. m. She will take nice photos. n. I was watching TV. o. She will have bought a dress. p. They sing pop songs. q. We writes three letters. r. She had collected stickers. s. They play a game. t. He was wearing his uniform. u. They waited for me at the bus stop. v. She had been writing a letter. w. They will be dancing in the hall. x. We shall cook dinner. y. She is singing a song. z. They have bought a house. Test Yourself 4 (Page 105/106) a. drives b. arrives c. will shine d. will visit e. drinks f. complains g. speak h. are playing i. is sleeping j. have, gone k. is raining l. has, gone m. have, finished n. does o. closes p. died q. studies r. will be s. is singing t. bought u. got v. hunt w. will go Test Yourself 5 (Page 106) a. goes b. went c. has, painted d. have, gone e. will visit f. phones g. ate h. will build i. cooked j. forgets k. comes l. are singing m. is crawling n. will watch o. are drawing p. am tidying up q. have not cleaned Vocabulary Practice (Page 107/108) 1. a. climbed b. met c. won d. jumped e. ridden f. eaten g. dropped h. written I. taught j. spoken k. drunk l. danced m. swum n. watched o. travelled p. studied q. eaten 2. a. woke b. understand c. told d. learn e. take f. sweeping g. cooked h. stuck i. stole j. split k. watched l. singing m. shut 3. b. gets up c. eats d. drink e. reads f. take g. starts h. finishes i. works j. sends k. listens l. cook m. watches n. drives o. wash p. study q. buys r. has s. goes t. likes u. goes v. uses WH QUESTIONS Grammar Practice (Page 113) b. When c. When d. Where e. What f. Who g. Which h. When i. What j. What k. Who Writing Practice (Page 113) b. What is c. When is d. Where does e. What is f. Which is g. Where is h. Which is Writing Practice (Page 113) a. are you b. are you c. are they d. were you e. do you get up f. is the name g. is she h. does your father do i. Is your father j. Is your best friend k. Do you like Writing Practice (Page 114) A: where does he live? A: who is your best friend? A: what is your mother? A: where does she work? A: how old is she? Test Yourself 1 (Page 115) a. What b. Where c. When d. What e. Where f. Where g. Where h. Where i. Where j. What k. Where l. How many m. Why n. Who o. Who Test Yourself 2 (Page 115) a. How b. Whose c. What d. Who e. Where f. How many g. How much h. What i. How j. Where k. Where l. Where m. When n. What o. Where p. Whose Test Yourself 3 (Page 116/117/118) WHO a. Who did not eat anything? b. Who is looking at his photograph? c. Who has closed the door? d. Who will buy a dress? e. Who works in a bank? f. Who came to the party alone? g. Who studies in Grade V? h. Who broke the vase? WHAT a. What is Raju eating? b. What is she watering? c. What will he buy? d. What has Anu lost? e. What was she eating? f. What can they play? g. What have the boys found in the street? h. What has Milan written? WHEN a. When are they coming to visit? b. When will Anu visit her aunt? c. When did he come here? d. When does Riya go to school? 11 12

7 e. When did Tina buy a doll? f. When will they go out? g. When was he born? h. When do they do their homework? WHERE a. Where is Raju going? b. Where did you/i buy a shirt? c. Where has she gone? d. Where did she meet her friends? e. Where did Tina find her book? f. Where has she kept her umbrella? g. Where did Jiya first meet me? h. Where will he not go tomorrow? HOW OFTEN a. How often does Atul play basketball? b. How often does Yubraj brush his teeth? c. How often does Hem take a bath? d. How often does Kabir visit his grandmother? e. How often does she go to school? f. How often do they play cricket? g. How often do they get up early in the morning? h. How often do they go outside the country? i. How often does she wash her hair? HOW MANY a. How many members are there in your family? b. How many umbrellas will he give me? c. How many students are there in my class? d. How many postcards has Sudhir bought? e. How many days are there in a week? f. How many poems did she write? g. How many apples did Mina eat? h. How many books will Anu buy? i. How many languages can Arjun speak? j. How many students is Bipin teaching? k. How many cows are there in the shed? Test Yourself 4 (Page 118) a. What has Mina cooked? b. Where is the car? c. What is she reading? d. Who went to the library? e. How often does she go to temple? f. What is his favourite game? g. Where did she meet me? h. When did they come here? i. How many dolls has she bought? j. When was he born? TAG QUESTIONS Test Yourself 1 (Page 122) a. has he? b. aren t you? c. doesn t it? d. hasn t she? e. wasn t it? f. didn t they? g. are you? h. isn t he? i. is it? j. do you? k. has he? l. isn t she? m. doesn t she? n. will you? o. can t he? p. have you? q. was it? r. aren t you? Test Yourself 2 (Page 122) a. have you? b. hasn t she? c. won t he? d. isn t she? e. have you? f. didn t she? g. isn t it? h. are you? i. isn t there? j. do we? k. can t she? l. hasn t he? m. isn t she? n. are you? o. could they? p. doesn t it? q. do you? r. won t he? s. are they? Test Yourself 3 (Page 123) a. didn t you? b. are they? c. will it? d. isn t he? e. is it? f. have you? g. weren t they? h. isn t he? i. do you? j. isn t it? k. wasn t it? l. have you? m. do you? n. isn t it? o. isn t he? p. doesn t she? q. isn t he? r. weren t we? s. don t they? t. isn t there? u. isn t there? Test Yourself 4 (Page 123) a. aren t they? b. will he? c. can t we? d. isn t it? e. are you? f. can t he? g. do you? h. hasn t he? i. aren t you? j. aren t you? k. isn t it? l. hasn t he? m. doesn t it? n. aren t you? o. did I? p. can we? q. aren t you? PREPOSITIONS Test Yourself 1 (Page 133) a. between b. in c. in d. in e. in f. on g. with h. in i. of j. in k. on l. for m. in n. on o. at p. on q. on r. On Test Yourself 2 (Page 133) a. among b. on c. from d. in e. on f. in g. in h. of i. on j. in k. at l. on m. in n. at o. for p. at q. above Test Yourself 3 (Page 134) a. in b. to c. from d. on e. at f. in g. on h. at i. in j. in k. at l. in m. along n. in o. at p. among q. on Test Yourself 4 (Page 134) a. in b. on c. at d. between e. in f. in g. in h. at i. at j. on k. on l. at m. between n. at o. for p. at q. in r. on s. on t. at Test Yourself 5 (Page 135) First paragraph: at, on, to Third paragraph: of, in Fifth paragraph: on, by Second paragraph: for, from, in, on Fourth paragraph: for, during, between Sixth paragraph: in, of CONJUNCTIONS Test Yourself 1 (Page 143) a. As b. because of c. Although d. because e. If f. by the time g. while h. and i. because j. Until Test Yourself 2 (Page 143) a. but b. until c. because d. If e. when f. before g. If h. If i. unless j. because of Test Yourself 3 (Page 143) a. because b. because c. to d. neither e. before f. because g. either h. after i. but REPORTED SPEECH Grammar Practice (Page 148) a. She said, I love dancing. b. Amita said to me, Have you eaten noodles? c. Bibek said, My brother is a doctor. d. Mina said to him, I will help you. e. He said to me, What is your name? f. Rita said, I lost my book yesterday. g. Give me some water, begged the boy. h. Where do you live? asked Mahesh. i. How old are you? asked Rosy. j. Are you a student? asked Anil. k. I have a brother, said Riya. l. My uncle is in the park, said Sunil 13 14

8 Grammar Practice (Page 149) a. could b. did not eat meat c. would sing a song d. had bought her a pair of trousers e. was a football player f. was taller than her brother Grammar Practice (Page 150) a. asked b. replied c. ordered d. requested e. worked f. suggested Grammar Practice (Page 150) a. She said that her father had gone to Pokhara. b. He said that he had bought a doll. c. They said that they had won the match. d. Anu said that she could not do it. e. Bishal said that he would buy a toy. f. He told me that he had taken my pen. g. She told me that she would give me some books. h. She said that she was going home. i. Kunal admitted that he had broken the vase. j. Anu told Rojen that she would not go with him. k. I told her that I was sorry for hurting her. Vocabulary Practice A (Page 151) a. eye b. leg c. hands d. ear e. nose f. teeth g. hair h. mouth i. toes j. head k. neck l. stomach B (Page 151) 1. head 2. eye brow 3. nose 4. chin 5. belly 6. wrist 7. finger 8. knee 9. lower leg 10. ankle 11. foot 12. neck 13. shoulder 14. forearm 15. elbow 16. hand 17. thigh 18. calf 19. foot 20. toe C (Page 152) first aid paperclip telephone directory swimming pool earring toothbrush alarm clock classroom blackboard tablecloth broomstick newspaper eyebrow thumbnail armchair bathroom breakfast brief case butterfly daytime earthquake evergreen farmhouse fingernail fireman D (Page 152) a. liar b. actor c. beggar d. competitor e. inspector f. tailor g. carpenter h. robber i. sailor j. teacher k. translator l. traveller m. visitor n. worker o. sailor p. plumber A (Page 153) a. hot b. cold c. tall d. short e. bad f. rich g. old h. false i. expensive j. intelligent k. close l. fat B (Page 153) a. sick b. bad c. funny d. green e. fewer f. early g. first h. wet i. dry j. cold k. spacious l. dark m. easy n. best o. hungry p. cute q. keen r. new A (Page 154) 1. written 2. bought 3. slept 4. broken 5. drawn 6. driven 7. drunk 8. given 9. sold 10. worn 11. torn 12. paid 13. taught 14. gone 15. found 16. fallen 17. ridden 18. eaten 19. seen 20. sent B (Page 154) 1. won 2. hid 3. broke 4. visited 5. hit 6. caught 7. gave 8. met 9. shut 10. sang 11. taught 12. threw 13. told 14. stood 15. paid 16. studied 17. heard A (Page 155) 1. won 2. hid 3. broke 4. visited 5. paid 6. ran 7. sold 8. sang 9. did not sleep 10. taught 11. drove 12. gave 13. ate 14. came 15. brought 16. shut 17. swam 18. built Adverbs greedily, badly, quietly skilfully, quickly, slowly. Homophones a. blue b. hair c. weak d. whole e. sea f. right g. brake h. waist i. know j. eye k. hole l. whole m. tale n. blue o. deer p. there q. ate r. meat s. sun t. there 15 16

9 Grade 6 ARTICLES Grammar Practice (Page 9) an ant a red apple an arrow an insect a cow a uniform a blue uniform an egg an urgent message a beautiful doll a black dress an old camera a European a red cap a one-way ticket a boiled egg a small owl an inspector an airport a dog an honest man a parrot an inkpot an umbrella a newspaper an engineer an interesting book a good girl a smart boy an intelligent girl a fat boy an onion a potato an interesting story a ewe a big elephant a basket a lion an ugly creature a pen Grammar Practice (Page 11) a. a b. a c. an d. x e. The, the f. a, a g. The h. x i. a j. The, a k. x, x l. The Test Yourself 1 (Page 13) a. The b. a c. X d. an e. X f. a g. x h. a i. x j. a k. x l. x m. x, the n. an o. the Test Yourself 2 (Page 13) a. The b. an c. an d. x, the e. a f. A, a g. a h. the i. a j. The k. a l. a m. x n. a o. a Test Yourself 3 (Page 13) a. The, the b. a c. An, a d. an e. a f. a g. the h. the i. an j. a k. a l. the m. a n. a o. the Test Yourself 4 (Page 14) a. A, a, x b. a, x c. The d. a e. A, a f. a g. The, the h. The, x i. the j. An, a k. The, the l. The m. an n. the o. x Test Yourself 5 (Page 14) a. an b. a, a c. the d. a, the e. a f. x g. an h. a i. a j. a k. a l. a m. an n. x o. x Test Yourself 6 (Page 15) a. the b. x c. the d. x e. a, the, a f. x, x g. x, x h. a i. an, an j. an k. The l. a, an, a, a m. x n. a, the o. x, the Test Yourself 7(Page 15) First paragraph: x, the, a, an, the, x Second paragraph: the, a, an, an, x, the, a, A, x COUNTABLE AND UNCOUNTABLE Grammar Practice (Page 20) a. a glass of water b. furniture c. garbage d. rice e. luggage f. fruit g. hair h. Ice i. traffic j. milk k. cheese l. information PLURAL NOUNS Grammar Practice (Page 23) rays toys boys milk wool lice calves loaves knives mice wives mangoes babies doctors beggars cherries ladies foxes photos stories toys buses leaves tomatoes bushes monkeys teeth radios men wolves diaries thieves watches switches parrots children oxen libraries hens skies water jackets dishwashers spoons forks caves feet crabs QUANTIFIERS Test Yourself 1 (Page 28) a. much b. a little c. much d. a little e. much f. a lot of g. much h. many i. much j. much k. many l. many m. a lot of n. a few o. much Test Yourself 2 (Page 28) a. much b. a lot of c. many d. a lot of e. many f. a few g. much h. much i. a lot of j. a lot of k. a few l. many m. a lot of n. many o. a little Test Yourself 3 (Page 28/29) a. a few b. a little c. a little d. many e. a lot of f. a lot of g. many h. much i. much j. many k. a lot of l. many m. much n. much o. a little Test Yourself 4 (Page 29) a. much b. much c. much d. many e. much f. much g. much h. much i. Many j. many k. a little l. a few m. many n. much o. many Test Yourself 5 (Page 29) village, grandchildren, a, disease, mosquitoes, many, diseases, problem, none, child, many. PRONOUNS Grammar Practice (Page 36) She - Angela He - Rahul She - Kamala They - Rahul and Rohini Them - Rahul and Rohini your - Angela s we - Kamala and Angela me - Angela Grammar Practice (Page 38) a. You b. He c. We d. She e. He f. She g. They h. It i. you j. I k. It l. I m. I n. He Speaking Practice (Page 38) First dialogue: you, I, It, you, I Second dialogue: you, I, I, you, I Third dialogue: He, I Grammar Practice (Page 40) a. me b. him c. her d. you e. us f. us g. me h. them i. her j. us k. him l. her m. them n. him o. her p. me, you 17 18

10 Speaking Practice (Page 40) First dialogue: me, him, her Second dialogue: me, him, him Third dialogue: you, me Grammar Practice (Page 42) a. itself b. yourself c. myself d. myself e. themselves f. yourselves g. himself h. myself i. herself j. himself k. herself l. themselves m. ourselves n. myself o. themselves Test Yourself 1 (Page 47) a. you b. him c. he d. her e. us f. herself g. he h. herself i. he j. We k. your l. they m. myself n. he o. My Test Yourself 2 (Page 47) a. himself b. My c. myself d. them e. She f. them g. He h. them i. himself j. I k. you l. She m. her n. their o. They Test Yourself 3 (Page 47/48) a. yourself b. them c. you d. her e. yourselves f. yourself g. yourself h. I i. itself j. it k. yourself l. his m. she n. them o. you Test Yourself 4 (Page 48) a. you b. myself c. his d. him e. them f. my g. yours h. your i. me j. us k. he l. herself m. ourselves n. me o. us Test Yourself 5 (Page 48) a. yours b. yourself c. herself d. ourselves e. me f. yours g. her h. themselves i. ourselves j. him k. I l. him m. yourself n. me o. her Test Yourself 6 (Page 48/49) a. them b. ours c. her d. us e. her f. these g. his h. her i. yourself j. ourselves k. himself l. him m. your n. us o. yourselves Test Yourself 7 (Page 49) 1. her 2. yourself, myself 3. your, your 4. it 5. I 6. my 7. they 8. her Test Yourself 8 (Page 49/50) 1. her 2. them 3. them 4. it 5. it 6. him 7. them Test Yourself 9 (Page 50) Ronaldo He is an international Brazilian footballer. He has enjoyed success at the international level. He began to play football in the streets of his neighbourhood. His football abilities were first recognized when he was fourteen. He has won awards many times. He scored 12 goals in 13 games in the Brazilian National Championship. Sania Mirza Sania Mirza was born on November 15, 1986, Mumbai. She is a professional female tennis player from India. She turned professional in She is now the highest ranked female tennis player ever from India. She was coached by her father. She began playing tennis at age six. She has earned a large fan following in India. In 2005, she was awarded the Arjuna Award in tennis for the year ADJECTIVES Test Yourself 1 (Page 69) a. bigger b. longest c. higher d. smaller e. tall f. taller g. nicest h. younger i. some j. safe k. rudest l. smallest m. large n. youngest o. most intelligent Test Yourself 2 (Page 69) a. nice b. most wonderful c. tall d. much e. colder f. hotter g. most beautiful h. hungry i. colder j. bigger k. most difficult l. most expensive m. faster n. more o. stronger Test Yourself 3 (Page 70) a. shorter b. richest c. more interesting d. funniest e. strongest f. friendlier g. dirtiest h. best i. faster j. more expensive k. beautiful l. bigger m. bigger n. funniest o. best Test Yourself 4 (Page 70) a. richer b. tall c. cleaner d. thinner e. highest f. most difficult g. more interesting h. attractive i. thinner j. more helpful k. taller l. worse m. more courageous n. most intelligent o. most stupid SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT Test Yourself 1 (Page 76) a. comes b. wags c. do d. are e. mends f. doesn t g. make h. are i. tell j. gets k. brings l. lives m. is n. tells o. is Test Yourself 2 (Page 76) a. keep b. comes c. Has d. writes e. are f. is g. has h. is i. is j. have k. lets l. have m. is n. has o. is Test Yourself 3 (Page 76/77) a. keeps b. works c. need d. was e. is f. were g. knows h. is i. are j. gets k. tells l. is m. was n. has o. was Test Yourself 4 (Page 77) a. was b. are c. needs d. has e. are f. is g. are h. are i. are j. is k. has l. are m. are n. are o. are Test Yourself 7 (Page 78) First paragraph: is, is, is, are, is, is, own, gives, helps Second paragraph: has, has, transforms, have, replace, hides Third paragraph: has, are SENTENCE Grammar Practice (Page 87) a. Negative b. Affirmative c. Yes/no question d. Exclamatory e. Affirmative f. Yes/no question g. Exclamatory h. Yes/no question i. Affirmative j. Negative k. Optative l. WH question m. Imperative n. Yes/no question o. Affirmative p. WH question q. Yes/no question r. Affirmative s. Yes/no question t. Negative u. Yes/no question v. Yes/no question w. Exclamatory x. Yes/no question y. Imperative z. Yes/no question Test Yourself 1 (Page 88) Cheetah is mainly found in Africa. It is an endangered animal

11 It is the fastest land animal. It is long about 1.1 to 1.5 m. It can run with speed of about 110 km/h. It has a similar body weight to the leopard. The female cheetah gives birth to two to four cubs. Test Yourself 2 (Page 88) Ostriches are the largest and strongest of living birds. They are very fast runners. They can grow to a height of about 8 feet. They can weigh up to 136 kg. They have long heads and small necks. They have large beaks and short eyes. They have small powerful wings and long legs. The females lay their yellowish-white eggs. The eggs weigh about 1.4 kg each. Test Yourself 3 (Page 88) Pythons are large snakes. They feed on small mammals. Some large pythons can swallow small pigs and goats. They are sometimes found near water. They hang from branches. Pythons can grow to a length from 3 to 33 feet. They weigh up to 140 kg. The female pythons lay eggs 15 to 100. Test Yourself 4 (Page 88) Spiders are small creatures. They have eight small legs. They are found all over the world. They are generally carnivorous animals. They feed only on living prey. The bite of some large spiders can be painful. Only a few spiders are dangerous to human beings. Test Yourself 5 (Page 89) a. The girl hurt herself. b. Is he going to school? c. Will you come tomorrow? d. The bus collided with a taxi. e. There are many tourists in Pokhara. f. She doesn t speak Nepali. g. Where are you from? h. The tourist climbed the hill. i. Have they bought many books? j. The lady lost the book. k. Can you sing a song? l. I m very fond of it. m. She is from London. n. Are they very tall? o. The boy lost the book because he was very careless. NEGATIVE Grammar Practice (Page 91) a. He is not flying a kite. b. Diya is not feeling cold. c. They are not Chinese. d. She cannot ride a bicycle. e. They were not singing. f. I am not a student. g. She was not in the room. h. I have not bought a book. i. She has not gone out. j. You cannot sleep here. k. They were not laughing. l. They will not buy a house. m. She is not cooking food. n. The glass is not empty. o. She will not come back again. p. He has not written a letter. q. They will not do it. r. He is not an active boy. s. We will not dig the field. t. The baby was not weeping. Grammar Practice (Page 92) a. Riya did not smile at me. b. Peter did not eat an apple. c. She does not work in a bank. d. They do not love toys. e. They do not run fast. f. His father does not work hard. g. They do not play the guitar. h. He does not drive a car. i. They do not eat meat. j. Her mother did not cook food. YES/NO QUESTION Grammar Practice (Page 94) a. Is he flying a kite? b. Is Diya feeling cold? c. Are they Chinese? d. Can she ride a bicycle? e. Were they singing? f. Am I a student? g. Are they washing the dishes? h. Is she happy? i. Was he playing. j. Can Tom speak Nepali? k. Will she read a book? l. Was she in the room? m. Have I bought a book? n. Has she gone out? o. Can you sleep here? p. Were they laughing? q. Will they buy a house? r. Is she cooking food? s. Is the glass empty? t. Will she come back again? u. Has he written a letter? v. Will they do it? w. Is he an active boy? x. Will we dig the field? Grammar Practice (Page 95) a. Did Riya smile at me? b. Did peter eat an apple? c. Does she work in a bank? d. Do they love toys? e. Do they run fast? f. Does his father work hard? g. Do they play the guitar? h. Does he drive a car? i. Do they eat meat? j. Did her mother cook food? Test Yourself 1 (Page 97) a. Pasang is not in the garden. b. They cannot speak Japanese. c. We have not done our homework. d. Alan did not break his ruler. e. Jessica does not buy a new shirt. f. They could not play the guitar. g. You cannot go with him. h. Your father will not be angry. i. They may not come tonight. j. I will not give you some pens. k. They were not brushing their shoes. l. I have not got a watch. m. This will not take a long time. n. You have not made a mistake. o. They do not help their father. Test Yourself 2 (Page 97) a. Alan and Peter cannot swim well. b. Sumnima is not tidying up her room. c. They do not wash the floor every week. d. His sons do not go to a private school. e. Deepa was not carrying a small bag. f. Salina has not bought any dolls. g. Her father did not go to Pokhara. h. He has not finished his work yet. i. They have not left the village. j. Rahul was not in a hurry. k. Anita did not come here on time. l. Peter cannot sing well. m. Tsring is not late today. n. He has not done the homework. o. Mingma will not run fast. Test Yourself 3 (Page 97/98) a. Has Sabnam got a spare copy? b. Is the baby crying? c. Has she written any letters? d. Will he help you? e. Is Anu weeping now? f. Do dogs bark at night? g. Have they been running a race? h. Does he eat rice everyday? 21 22

12 i. Did she see me at the airport? j. Do these hens lay brown eggs? k. Does Sahil like ice-cream and chocolate? l. Did Neha sing a song beautifully? m. Was he having lunch in the kitchen? n. Can they climb trees? o. Has Mina bought a computer? Test Yourself 4 (Page 98) a. Has Rohit got any interesting books? b. Can they read English magazines? c. is she taking leave today? d. Do they read any books? e. Was he playing basketball? f. Does she use a computer? g. Do they push the door open? h. Has it been raining all day? i. Is it a cold day today? j. Does she clean her room? k. Has Nisha washed the dishes? l. Does Jane go to school by bus? m. Did she write any poems? n. Will Deepa go out tonight? o. Did the ball bounce into the well? Test Yourself 5 (Page 98) I read a book. I do not read a book. Do I read a book? I am reading a book. I am not reading a book. Am I reading a book? I have read a book. I have not read a book. Have I read a book? I was reading a book. I was not reading a book. Was I reading a book? I had read a book. I had not read a book. Had I read a book? I can read a book. I cannot read a book. Can I read a book? I will read a book. I will not read a book. Will I read a book? I would read a book. I would not read a book. Would I read a book? He writes a letter. He does not write a letter. Does he write a letter? He is writing a letter. He is not writing a letter. Is he writing a letter? He has written a letter. He has not written a letter. Has he written a letter? He was writing a letter. He was not writing a letter. Was he writing a letter? He wrote a letter. He did not write a letter. Did he write a letter? He will write a letter. He will not write a letter. Will he write a letter? He can write a letter. He cannot write a letter. Can he write a letter? Test Yourself 6 (Page 99) a. She will dance tomorrow. b. The boy was hungry. c. The dog will jump over the table. d. The children have slept on the floor. e. She can draw nice pictures. f. The dog is sleeping. g. The elephant is eating something. h. She writes a story. i. The students were running in the field. j. The swimming pool is clean. k. These sums are difficult. l. They collected postcards. m. Deepa has gone out. n. She was weeping. o. They were eating apples. Test Yourself 7 (Page 99) a. She did not write a letter. b. He does not play football. c. Does she drive a car? d. Did he sing a song? e. Where does he live? f. Does he speak English? Test Yourself 8 (Page 99) a. We were not football players. b. Have they brought any red dresses? c. We will clean our rooms. d. They have watered the plants. e. They played football yesterday. f. They were not in the park. g. Are those vegetables rotten? h. Tom has not eaten his dinner yet. i. Is he helping his father in the garden? j. Do we drink tea? k. They have already completed the task. l. We play games at school. m. We were not cycling home. n. They do not open the windows. o. Will we play the musical instruments? WH QUESTIONS Test Yourself 1 (Page 104) a. Where b. Who c. When d. Where e. What f. Who g. When h. When i. What j. Which k. How many l. Whom m. What n. What o. Which Test Yourself 2 (Page 104) a. How b. Whose c. What d. Where e. When f. How many g. Why h. Which i. When j. Why k. Why l. How m. When n. When o. Where Test Yourself 3 (Page 104/105) 1. How many books has Sudha bought? 2. Whose sister works in a school? 3. Who wrote some essays? 4. How many cows has Sumnima got? 5. What did Sony eat? 6. Why was I absent yesterday? 7. When did Pooja go to the shopping centre? 8. What did Sumitra buy? 9. Who got back home? 10. Why was she unhappy? 11. Whose father phoned the shop? 12. Where did Kunal go back? 13. What did Anita give me? 14. What did she write on pollution? 15. When did David come here? 16. When was Nitesh born? 17. When was Binod born? 18. What will he buy? 19. How many umbrellas will he give me? 20. When will he not go to school? 21. How often does Hem take a bath? 22. Where did Pukar buy a shirt? 23. What class does Jenny study in? 24. What has Milan written? 25. How many apples did Chanda eat? 26. What has Kumar cooked? 27. How often does Ramesh go to temple? 28. How many diaries has Ragini bought? 29. Where has Upendra gone? 30. Where has she kept her umbrella? 31. How many students are there in Mina s class? 32. What is she reading? 33. What is Mina watering? 34. How does Suman often go to school? 35. What was Riya eating? 36. How often does Anita wash her hair? 37. How much water does Chameli drink? 38. What did Anu find in the street? 39. Where is the lorry? 40. How many members are there in your family? 41. When are the children coming here? 42. When did Anu and Ali come here? 43. How often do his brothers go to Pokhara? 44. What did Aryan buy? 45. How many months are there in a year? 46. Where did Jeena find her diary? 47. How often does his brother brush his teeth? 48. Who can solve this puzzle? TAG QUESTIONS Test Yourself 1(Page 108) a. have you? b. did she? c. can t they? d. did he? e. is it? f. won t we? g. hasn t she? h. are you? i. can t they? j. isn t it? k. doesn t he? l. hasn t he? m. hasn t he? n. won t he? o. can you? Test Yourself 2 (Page 108) a. isn t it? b. can t I? c. will he? d. will he? e. doesn t he? f. isn t it? g. hasn t he? h. aren t they? i. isn t he? j. wasn t it? k. is there? l. aren t you? m. aren t they? n. didn t they? o. aren t they? 23 24

13 Test Yourself 3 (Page 108/109) a. has it? b. does she? c. can t he? d. can she? e. is it? f. isn t she? g. is it? h. isn t it? i. can t he? j. wasn t he? k. was she? l. won t she? m. can t he? n. don t they? o. did they? Test Yourself 4 (Page 109) a. isn t she? b. won t it? c. didn t she? d. doesn t it? e. isn t she? f. were they? g. wasn t she? h. isn t it? i. isn t it? j. are they? k. are they? l. can you? m. do you? n. isn t it? o. hadn t they? Test Yourself 5 (Page 109) didn t you?, doesn t it?, aren t you?, can you?, do you?, don t you?, didn t you? Vocabulary Practice (Page 111) 1. stepsisters 2. badly 3. having 4. help 5. beautiful 6. poor 7. clothes 8. lovely 9. went 10. warned 11. saw 12. danced 13. palace 14. hurry 15. slippers 16. stairs 17. ordered 18. arrived 19. house 20. happily TENSES Grammar Practice (Page 118) a. speaks b. cleans c. looks d. run e. works f. likes g. comes h. come i. brushes j. play k. keeps l. plays m. water n. fly o. writes p. lives q. sleep r. want s. eat Grammar Practice (Page 119) a. is talking b. is writing c. is learning d. is feeding e. is dancing f. are cycling g. is singing h. is planting i. are singing j. are playing Grammar Practice (Page 121/125) a. have grown b. have cancelled c. has doubled d. have broken e. have already seen f. have not read g. has just arrived h. have already spoken i. have not finished j. have lost k. has risen l. have seen m. have known n. has flown o. has been p. have won q. has taken r. have forgotten s. has understood t. have not planted u. Have, hugged v. has chosen w. have eaten x. Have, swept y. has sung z. have heard Grammar Practice (Page 123) 2. has been raining 3. have been waiting 4. have been working 5. has been teaching 6. has been living 7. has been swimming 8. have been driving 9. have been waiting 10. have been running 11. has been reading 12. have been writing 13. have been setting 14. has been barking 15. have been living 16. has been speaking 17. have been dancing 18. has been cooking 19. has been swimming 20. has been digging 21. has been flying 22. have been buying 23. have been playing Grammar Practice (Page 124) a. saw b. helped c. lived d. took e. came f. cooked g. finished h. bought i. came j. died k. left l. lost m. drew n. lost o. woke p. talked q. killed r. returned s. wrote t. fell u. collided v. gave Test Yourself 1 (Page 129) a. Present perfect b. Simple past c. Simple future d. Future perfect e. Future perfect f. Simple present g. Past perfect continuous h. Past perfect continuous i. Present perfect j. Simple present k. Simple future l. Past continuous m. Past perfect n. Simple present o. Present continuous Test Yourself 2 (Page 129) a. I was speaking to my teacher. b. She is listening to the song. c. My friend was laughing at my joke. d. They have done their homework. e. My boss will have planned a meeting. f. The band will be playing a beautiful song. Test Yourself 3 (Page 129/130) a. By the time I m 60, I will have lost all my hair. b. Kathmandu has changed a lot since c. The Principal will arrive soon. d. When Angela comes here, she will be happy. e. I did my homework when I was watching television. f. She never comes late to school. g. I met Suman while I was walking in the park. h. By the time I got home, my brother had eaten the whole cake. i. By the time the guests arrive, I will have cleaned the room. j. Tomorrow I will be painting all day. k. By the time we get there, the store will have closed. l. By this time tomorrow, I will have finished this book. m. We were having breakfast when she walked into the room. n. This time next week I will be visiting Pokhara. o. This time tomorrow I will be swimming in the sea. Test Yourself 4 (Page 130) a. washes b. sang c. will talk d. has, gone e. is sleeping f. fall g. have h. visit i. wears j. am playing k. studies l. has, completed m. plays n. went o. will do Test Yourself 5 (Page 131) 1. told 2. have, talked 3. has not arrived 4. has, gone 5. drank 6. has been cooking 7. have broken 8. is climbing 9. have been ill 10. is singing 11. writes 12. have, gone 13. wants 14. dances 15. will spend 16. has been swimming 17. worked 18. left 19. made 20. started 21. died 22. is climbing 23. were playing 24. is drinking 25. drinks 26. will visit 27. will shine 28. has been living 29. went 30. rang 31. is talking 32. am writing 33. am doing 34. likes 35. will write 36. have been studying 37. cleans 38. speaks 39. went 40. plays 41. takes 42. are doing 43. will come 44. reads 45. did Since, for (Page 133) a. for b. since c. since d. for e. for f. since g. for h. for i. since j. for k. since l. for m. for n. since o. since Always, never, tomorrow, yesterday, ago (Page 133) a. tomorrow b. already c. yet d. still e. ago f. already g. Yesterday h. always i. yet j. ago k. always l. tomorrow m. still n. now o. now p. already q. never 25 26

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