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Location: UAE - Dubai

Closing Date 15-Feb-2023

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About the Role

Dubai American Academy (DAA)is looking to appoint an experienced HR Manager to lead and manage all aspects of Human Resources within the school, manage and oversee the implementation and compliance of policies, procedures and systems. The HR Manager will provide expertise, support and adviceon various HR functions, which include recruitment, staffing, Employment Law, performance management, professional learning, talent developmentand employee relations.

Job context

We are seeking to appoint an experiencedHR Managerpreferably with experience in a school setting and associated staffing processes. This includes Recruitment, Onboarding, Employee Relations and the full employee life cycle.

The position directly reports to the Principal/CEO and functionally to HR Business Partner

The HR Manager will manage and support day-to-day operations of the Human Resources office in the School along with the administration of human resources policies, procedures and programmes. The incumbent will provide support and advice in the various human resources functions, which include recruitment, staffing, employee engagement and employee relations.

Key Accountabilities:

The School HR Manager will be the first point of contact for all school staff on all HR matters; duties will cover the full spectrum of the employee lifecycle.

Recruitment and On-boarding
- Provide support to the Principal/CEO in the recruitment of all school based positions.
- Liaise with corporate HR recruitment team for teaching positions, complete all administrative tasks related to the teacher recruitment process.
- Manage the full process for the recruitment of non-teaching positions including advertising, shortlisting and screening candidates, setting up interviews and communicating with candidates throughout the recruitment process.
- Prepare employment contracts using DAX in compliance with GEMS policies and procedures and UAE Labour Law regulations.
- Coordinate the preparation of the Ministry of Labour offer letter and employment contract process with the school designated Government Relations staff member.
- Liaise with the travel department to book travel for new employees and maintain regular communication with new hires, including sending Welcome Email and Handbook and answering questions, conduct new hire inductions.
- Process new hire forms including bank account forms, medical insurance, business card and access card requests
- Design and conduct new employee orientations to explain school policies, compensation and benefit programs.

HR Operations support
- Manage and support day-to-day operations of all HR related matters in school. Manage the administration of HR policies, procedures and programs.
- Provide advice, assistance, and follow-up on school policies, procedures and documentations.
- Manager employee filing system maintaining up-to-date soft copy and electronic versions for all school employee. Ensure files contain all relevant information and are maintained in an organised manner.
- Administer and explain benefits to employees, serve as liaison between employees and insurance carriers.
- Produce NOCs, salary certificates and salary transfer letters using DAX, in English and Arabic as required on a timely basis.
- Develop and maintain HRIS database, employee files and records.
- Update employee handbook as required.
- Support ERP project team with input on HR systems, policies and requirements
- Track approval process for all processes wherever other department’s signatures are required, ore when DAX system approvals are required.
- Run reports from DAX as required by school management, or when specified by the HR Area manager/ HR Cluster Lead, or other areas of the business on a timely basis.
- Draft routine correspondence, letters and memos as required by management.
- Assist and prepare statistical summaries and reports for school and GEMS Corporate office.
- Attend staff meetings and serve on committees as required.
- Engage with other School HR Officers in a productive and solutions-focused manner, sharing best practice ideas and positive ways of working.
- Complete any ad-hoc HR project work as and when required.

- Overseeing and coordinating the MOE professional license process

- Coordinating the KHDA MPD training process

- Assisting with the preparation and payment of stipends

Employee Relations
- Coordinate the resolution of specific policy-related and procedural problems and inquiries.
- Perform specific research/investigation into employee relations issues as requested and directed by Management.
- Provide support to HR Area managers and HR Cluster leads as required for all employee relations matters.
- Advise school management and staff on UAE Labour law regulations and compliance.
- Be the first point of contact for all employees on employee relations issues
- Act as a counsellor to employees as and when required.
- Be a positive role model for all school employees, acting as an employee engagement champion in school.

- Manage the separations process from start to finish will all employees following resignation or termination.
- Provide Principal with guidance on Labour Law regulations in regards to separations processes.
- Liaise with employees identified as leavers to collate exit documentation required and to coordinate clearance procedures.
- Conduct an exit interview (online and face-to-face) with all leavers, gather exit interview data on a regular basis and present this to the Principal for review

This exciting opportunity requires the followingkey competencies and skillsand these will be assessed during the internal recruitment process:

  1. Effective communication skills
  2. Customer service approach
  3. Able to influence colleagues in a diverse cultural environment
  4. Deliver results in a timely manner with highest degree of efficiency
  5. Collaborate with members of leadership team to deliver key HR initiatives
  6. Attention to detail & able to prioritize key tasks
  7. Excellent organization and interpersonal skills
  8. Credible experience of managing employee relations

To be considered for this appointment, you will have:

  1. At least a minimum of 2 – 3 years’ experience working in a HR generalist capacity.
  2. College Degree preferred.
  3. Excellent organization and interpersonal skills.
  4. Experience working in a multi-cultural environment is a plus.
  5. Knowledge in general HR office procedures, policies and methods
  6. Experience of working on DAX, SniperHire and all HR Digital Tools is key for this role.

Selection Process:

All applicants will be contacted for interviews shortly after the closure date of this internal job advertisement. Interviews will be conducted by:

- Superintendent/CEO
- Principals/Executive Team

- HR Business Partner


- Target time of appointment is February 2023

About Your Benefits
We offer a competitive salary, visa, tuition fee concession, medical insurance, annual airfare allowance, 38 days annual leave and end of service gratuity.
About GEMS

Trusted for over 60 years and now a third generation education family, GEMS Education began in a single school room in Dubai. Today, we have the privilege of educating over 170,000 students from over 176 countries through GEMS owned and managed schools globally; over 270,000 students access resources through our services division.

About the School

GEMS Dubai American Academy (DAA) is GEMS Education's flagship American school. Offering both an enriched American Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma to students from around the world, DAA prepares its students for success in the world's most prestigious universities and colleges. DAA is the only American curriculum school in Dubai to receive the KHDA rating of Outstanding, and has received this rating since 2011.

With over 20 years of history and academic excellence, DAA is one of the most sought after American schools in Dubai. The school's outstanding heritage is coupled with its future design focus which embeds creative design, cutting-edge robotics and digital fluencies at its core. Through teaching, learning and innovation, students develop a mastery of multiple literacies and fluencies to support genuine world-class learning, personal growth and future readiness. DAA offers a diverse range of extra-curricular, athletic, and leadership opportunities to enrich the holistic development of each student. In addition, our original and growing WISE initiative pulls efforts of wellness, inclusion, safeguarding, and social-emotional health into a coordinated effort to support students for holistic well-being, supporting them in their growth and in their learning.

Our staff teaches and inspires excellence in academics and life-long learning skills by continually reviewing and building an enriched American curriculum, promoting student achievement, encouraging integrity and nurturing a desire to learn.

To learn more please visit http://www.gemsaa-dubai.com/
About Application Process

If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application.

To complete the application you would need the following document(s):

1. Resume/CV
2. Passport-size photograph

In line with the UAE's Emiratisation goals, GEMS welcomes and encourages applications from UAE nationals to join our fast-growing team.

Important Note : GEMS Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of its students. Applicants will be required to submit a current police criminal clearance check or equivalent from their home country or current country of residence prior to appointment.

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