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It is somewhat understandable why grammar can seem like an intimidating subject, especially for a kid. However, there’s always a fun way to learn new things. With funny sentences, kids can learn how to construct sentences, explore and learn new words and also have a fun time simultaneously.

Examples of Funny Sentences

Here are funny sentences that will help a kid gain a good grip over the language and also have a good laugh:

  1. The cat drove the car
  2. The puppy makes great pizzas
  3. My sister jumped on an octopus
  4. John wants to buy a cake for his frog
  5. His dog loves roller-coaster rides
  6. The orange ate the apple while I was away
  7. The giant lion baked cookies for Christmas
  8. I sold 10 apple pies to the dinosaur next door
  9. The cat ate a bowl of cereal
  10. The monkey asked me for help with his homework
  11. Jen’s pet squirrel sent me a text message
  12. The fat rat sat on the mat
  13. Kat married the iguana this Tuesday
  14. My parrot failed the Math test
  15. My brother wanted to visit the lion’s den
  16. My cat was flying all day yesterday
  17. The penguins played poker all evening
  18. I befriended a pumpkin because he was lonely
  19. The seagulls had a financial crisis
  20. The elephants played chess because they were bored
  21. The mice under the bed are angry on my mother
  22. They ate laptops for dinner
  23. Look! It’s raining chocolates
  24. The monkeys fought with the gorillas
  25. Richard went for a walk with his lizards
  26. My friends live in the zoo
  27. I went to see the doctor because I ran out of candies
  28. My dogs went on a vacation
  29. Timothy gave me a basket of worms for my birthday
  30. The refrigerator gave Margot dance classes
  31. The frogs and the fishes sang in harmony
  32. The turtle divorced the pigeon because she was sick
  33. Jill’s house is made of chocolate cake
  34. The circle and the square left the rectangle alone
  35. I went fishing with the sharks this Sunday
  36. Dear math, grow up and solve your own problems.
  37. Keep looking up, there may be a rainbow waiting for you.
  38. When I’m too big for you to hold, I’ll hold you instead.
  39. If you listen very quietly, it sounds like the rain is playing music in the grass and the trees.
  40. Graham: Everyone in my class wants to be a doctor.

Mom: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Graham: A cheetah. Or a pig.

  1. I really love being human, but some days I really wish I could be a fairy.
  2. Mommy, I’m not joking, I’m not kidding, and I’m not playing. I NEED chocolate.
  3. Fog is just clouds that have fallen down.
  4. Ow! My eye! I didn’t know where my hand was going. I thought it wanted to rest behind my head but it wanted to poke me in the eye.
  5. It was fun being famous on my birthday
  6. Mommy, I love you. When monsters come, I will save you.
  7. I really wish I had some yoga pants even though I really don’t doyoga. Kind of like you, mom
  8. Ashlyn, age 6: “Mommy, guess what?”

Mom: “What?”

Ashlyn: “I just love you.”

  1. Are we taking the stairs or the alligator?
  2. Mom: Good morning! Do you need a hug?

Erik: Actually, I need pancakes and not this hug.

  1. Mom: “Henry, you can come down out of time-out now.”

Henry, age 3: “No thanks, I’m at the French Revolution.”

  1. Mommy, I wish you were my age so you can be my daughter.

In my heart, I’m still little.

  1. I think I’m gonna be good for the rest of my life. Well, except when I make mistakes, but we can blame that on my emotions.
  2. Luke: Mom, when was I born?

Mom: February 17th, 2009.

Luke: Hey, that’s my birthday.

  1. 4-year-old Auggie in front of boutique display mannequins: “Meet my new family, mom. They are the quiet people.”
  2. Mom, sorry but I accidentally peed behind the toilet and also on that shoe.
  3. Sick Benji, age 3: “Mommy, my nose isn’t working. I need a new one, please.”
  4. If you put duck tape on a chicken, will it fall or do you need chicken tape?
  5. I’m just gonna give you little kisses because big kisses make you grow and mommies aren’t allowed to grow anymore.
  6. When I was in the backyard, my sock fell off and went over the fence.
  7. Stella bantering with her new stuffed toy: “You don’t like potatoes? I don’t like potatoes too!
  8. You’re so good at tying shoes, mamma. You’re the best one ever. I think you need a trophy, mamma.
  9. I never sleep with my mom in her bed because she has really big toots.
  10. Mommy, you never forget things. You always remember that you forgot. So you never really forget.
  11. I will miss you while I’m sleeping
  12. Violet is crying.

Mom: Violet, what’s wrong? Why are you so upset?

Violet: Because I can’t get this shirt to work!

Mom: Violet, honey… You can’t get the shirt to work because they are pants

  1. 2-year-old Ty is pooping on a potty trainer and talking to his poops: “Have fun in the sewer!”
  2. Mom, do snowmen poop? Haha, never mind that’s silly! They don’t have butts.
  3. Country song playing in the room: Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky.
  4. 3-year-old Jack: Mom, whiskey makes babies?
  5. “I wish we were fairies, our life would be easier.
  6. A mom and her daughter Grace are folding clothes. Grace sings: “You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them.”
  7. Caroline: What are taxes?

Mom: Taxes are money we pay to the government.

Caroline: Why?

Mom: Because it’s the law.

Caroline: Oh, that’s silly.

  1. Mom, I want a hot dog. They don’t come from dog though, do they?
  2. Daddy, you tell me a boy story. Maybe you can tell me about ninja turtles. Is there a ninja turtle that likes purple?
  3. Mommy, my cousins were talking girl talk and they said I have to kiss a girl and marry her. I just want to stay with you and daddy
  4. Mom, I found this piller-piller outside. He doesn’t have any family or friends so he’s going to live with us now.
  5. Mommy, when I’m old, will I still be your sweet baby boy?
  6. 5-year-old Clark gets hurt: “Ouch! Oh, I wish Bay max was here
  7. Dad: You and me are about to go out and have fun.6-year-old Clark: You and I, Dad.
  8. Mommy, there’s a fly in here on my wall. It was flying by me, so I gave it my tough face.
  9. I felt like today was going to be a bad Valentine’s Day, since I don’t have a Valentine, but it was actually a pretty good day
  10. My daddy works so much because he loves me
  11. Mom, button my sweater please. I’m going to go slay a dragon.
  12. Did I behave awesome in the store? Even better than dad?
  13. You can make a wish but it’s not magic. People have to make it happen.
  14. Man, those flowers are very good listeners, but they kind a like to beg me for stuff all the time. Like, they beg for bananas
  15. 3-year-old Stella is eating sugary treats: “Mom! The sugar bugs in my mouth are laughing so hard right now
  16. Why’d you make the dog get fixed? Now he’s never going to get a wife.”
  17. I wish that I was a doggie, but I’m not. I’m a two-year-old big sister
  18. Mommy, can you give me one more push on the swing? For America
  19. Mommy, who’s your friend Prosecco that you keep talking about?

Mom: What should we get Grandma for Mother’s Day?

Son: She’s not a mom, she’s a grandma.

Mom: She’s a mom. She’s your father’s mom.

Son: Well, that sounds like it’s his problem.

  1. 3-year-old child: Mommy, I need to wear my goggles so I don’t have to see people.

Mom: Grab me a pair too.

  1. 4-year-old child: I’m kind and nice, Mommy. And you’re kind and nice.

Mom: Aww, thank you!

4-year-old child: No, no, I said you’re kind of nice.

  1. Mom: I’m so lucky to be your mom.

6-year-old child: I’m so lucky to have so many LEGOs.

  1. 5-year-old son picking up a bra: “Mom, there’s your boob clothes”.
  2. I pledge allegiance to the flag of Captain America.
  3. Mom: It’s going to be a little chilly today, buddy, so you’re going to have to wear pants.

2-year-old Cohen Micah: *Gasp!* Did my shorts grow?

  1. “I wasn’t hitting Brady, I was just loving him with my boot!”
  2. Erik: Mom, I need a phone.

Mom: You can have a phone when you’re 12. Besides, who do you need to call?

Erik: Well, The Ghostbusters.

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